The Reconciliation of Alternate Realities

We let life drift to the mundane; so that it becomes the bar by which we set the standard of our achievements. The motions come one after the next, no thought, but a mechanical meandering through our days. It is only when the world appears to go mad that we take notice and our hearts sink in despair of the reality which we have created through our apathy and neglect. In the stark light of a cold dawn we realize that we left behind humanity in the fight for survival and knowing what was right was supplanted by justifiable rage, conclusions based on an inaccurate perception of an alternate reality generated by the constructs of our technology.
Did we lose our minds collectively or was it a slow decent along the dark winding path that became so narrow we could not turn and find our way back? The walls closing in that gave us security in the confines of our mind’s landscape a fantastical reckoning of our imaginings. We closed our ears to the droning of the warning bell, a communal cry of discontent somehow silenced in the endless night of wandering.
Endless sacrifice for another is not the answer, self-gratification to the exclusion of our connected bond in humanity leads again to a path of unsustainability. Today our faces are two-dimensionally projected through a stream of endless electrons but the softness of voice, the warm tear upon a cheek and the muted cry from the heart are hollow upon my screen. In a false show of compassion we connect but it is measured in the milli-second and the universe the lightyear how do we normalize this disparity.
In a moment the impossible was, the improbable became the statistical reality and I stood amongst you and found my tears reflected in the endless faces of a sea of humanity that must find its way in their shared reality. And with renewed wonder, a sense that to “know” is a very personal expression of an incomplete equation and that maybe its final expression should be played on a larger stage, accompanied by a choir of universal anomalies and manifest through the light of hope in our shared destinies.
It is a reconciliation of alternate realities that I seek, to understand how they coexist and share the same spacetime within the coordinates of my existence. Future an idealistic place which cannot share my present but I seek to decouple from the constraints of the amorphous society that binds them cruelly. My past obscured by the wall of blinding emotion; time the cleansing lens carried on the solar winds of change for tomorrow’s hopes are the very currents and eddies of entropy. Yet as I gaze into the future; the reflections of the waveforms colliding endlessly, and in it for just a moment I see… the reality… as it is engulfed by the stardust of eternity.