May your life be a series of adventures. Linking themselves one to the next with the vibrancy of the moment and the soft whispers that echo in memory. May your plans unfold in the wild tapestry of uncertainty and weave a path to eternity. It is not enough that you stood on the mountain but much more that the mountain has come to reside in your heart. It is the smile and the rain that fell upon your head as you looked across the landscape and realized that you would wish to be here in this moment, in this time and in this very place at the end of your days. Let the wonder and excitement always overwhelm and dispel any trepidation or fear.
There will be regrets but hopefully you shall look upon them and sigh for in the end that was the choice to make and for all that it brought; you would not be here today, looking upon the ocean of the possibilities of your life if not for those misadventures. A life that encompasses a universe within your mind and heart. It is that reflection bouncing from one wave to the next, in between the beats of our heart that is the true measure of what we accomplish and maybe silence is far more profound than the cacophony of the life we live.
So let the adventure begin, hold fast to that which is the essence of you, a golden drop of sunlight, the velvet rose petal, the tear upon the sand and the warmth of love and hope eternal. These are the things we take on the adventures we manifest for ourselves. And when we return something new will be added to our lives, it shall take root and it shall be there for all your days, it is curious and it is restless for it is the insatiable desire that grows within us to find, to experience, to share and finally come to peace with the collection of memories that shape who we are and who we are continually becoming.
So draw in your breath … close your eyes and pull to you the adventures of your life in their varied and kaleidoscope of color… breathe out; it is time to dream of your next adventure, and it must know it too will find a beautiful home within you. ©JFK March 1, 2017