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Tis’ the Season….the holidays are approaching

The holidays are approaching.   This season tends to fill us with opportunities to spend more time with family and friends.   It is also a time of year many watch their to-do list grow, and find ourselves spending less time on our self care.

Helpful Tips to Stay Sane & Ward off Holiday Stress

  1. Plan for You.  Schedule time periods regularly for rest and self-care just like you would an important meeting.
  2. Saying No is kind.  Work parties, friend gatherings, family events, and requests tend to pile up all at once as the holidays approach.  You want to be supportive so you say yes to almost everything, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings right/miss out?  People who care about you will be understanding if you politely decline.  Treat your time like a value source of currency because it is.   You wouldn’t spend all your money on something that you don’t need or want, so why spend your energy?  Be picky about what you agree to.   You will be able to be fully present and dedicated to the things you do say yes to.
  3. Think outside the gift box.  Speaking of currency, holidays is a time of increased spending.  They don’t have to break the bank.   Make packs with family and friends to not do gifts or to keep it at a bare minimum.  Do things together that you love and to help each grow.   Try something new, cook together, take a class together, volunteer at a local charity.
  4. Breathe. Simply put breathe.   For those unexpected moments of challenge, take at least 1 full minute to focus on your breath.   Steadying your breath will put things into perspective and allow you to handle challenge gracefully.
  5. Challenge yourself to keep an attitude of gratitude. Holidays are meant to be a time to be grateful. Keep focused.  We will roll out a Gratitude Challenge starting 11/15, stay tuned.

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