Leaves a Mark Within The Mind

Sharing of moments so precious to our future days. For the memory is sweeter than wine and lingers upon the lips; bursting into an array of fragrant nuances as it touches the pallet and burns like sweet fire in throat.
For our lives are but a collection of memories some bitter and sharp even as the vision once so clear becomes a haze upon the plain of evermore. These are memories that tug upon the heart and leave tears upon our cheek as though we have walked into yesterday.
The punctuated moments ; the staccato beat of the heart; fall into the velvet softness and lilting harpsichord of the mundane daily moments that linger for they were spent with those we love, the laugh of the child in his mother’s arms as the wind catches their smile for it is seared into the soul.
The fire on the cold winter’s night with laughter in the air that rings in the ears like the bells on Christmas morning. The smoke in my hair; the starburst of your eyes reflect the warmth all captured in the heart and to radiate upon the skin that burn so brightly within.
The struggles and the triumphs now walk hand-in-hand along a dusty road that we have long forgotten except for the memory. Like a broken strap on the bag of yesterdays, carried across our shoulder cradled safely in our arms and with tears in our heart.
For as we breathe in each new experience those who have walked with us along the way take our hand and lead us into the tomorrows caste into the sea. It is their memory tucked safely in our soul that gives color to the day and chases the grey clouds to distant lands.
Our gait may no longer be steady, our hand may not hold firm the cup, but the sweet memory of your hand in mine, my eyes uplifted to yours and our laugh at a jest long forgotten warms me with the vigor of my youth.
It will be you always, as the sun sets in the purple hues of the day peppered with coral and golden light skipping across the lake, as the days wane and the seasons become one the scent of pine shall linger in the air to remind me of the trees that once grew there.
We shall fade into the mists of time; save but for memory we have left so little that was permanent of you and me. It was our love that infused the world in which we lived, into the creations we left behind and leaves a mark forever within the mind.
So today I look upon thee; oh sweet memory, stay with me for it was those moments that sustained and nourished me and I will walk with you for all eternity.

As to all things a season; but love shall remain through the ages and nourish, protect and guide us always JFK

Tears…Salve to Heal the Wounds

I am a yoga teacher, a simple creature, I do not have the words or the healing touch that shall heal your broken heart and to restore your soul to the glow that has lit the world these many years. That you shall find again for you are strong and the universe will be kind and keep it safe until you again shall carry it proudly into the world.

If but I could take your tear and fashion it into the salve to heal the wounds I would do so; even if it meant taking a piece of my own heart to graft upon yours.

Our lives are a path washed clean by our tears, our hearts are mended time and again with the love of our fellow man. For it is love that has both injured us and saved us from greater sorrow.

If I could I would take the pain from your heart and to give you the hope that you will awake from this. You have lost one dear, for she gave you life, and nurtured you throughout your life. She was there in all the happy moments and you were there when she needed you most.

Our lives are entwined with others, they shall come into our lives and leave them physically but forever they reside within our hearts. She shall rest there always in peace and without the pain of our earthy existence.

Now you will move forward with her wisdom in your breast and her memory in your heart. Let the condolences of our loved ones hold you as you transition to the life that she has left to you… to waste a moment would tarnish her memory and steal the future which she lives through you.

In peace and loving memory to all of us who have lost someone… for whatever reason… with love in my heart to you JFK

Forever was Yesterday

Forever was yesterday in the life you knew. Tomorrow is this place that you keep aspiring to. Yet today is the moment that you control.

The arrow of time points in the direction of your tomorrow, your memories in the direction of yesterday and your experience is this very breath.

The smile on your face is today. The photograph of the wind rustling your hair some far away yesterday, but when turns grey all of this becomes the tomorrow you have yet to experience.

We live our lives in moments that we attribute to a time before or after where we presently are. This breath, this moment; this very action are all that we have for there is no tomorrow without today and yesterday brought us this day.

Living our lives with one foot in the past and the other in the future leaves us within an instability that cannot be sustained and should not be.

Laugh today; smile today; love today and be here now for yesterday is but a shadow of that day’s memory and tomorrow has yet to be written into history.

Walking hand in hand with today JFK

Serendipity’s Manifesto

I stand at the precipice of an adventure that will change the way I view the world, it will give me wings to fly close to the sun. I am not Icarus, for I am protected by the sheath of friendship an armour to withstand the cauldrons of creation.

I must believe for to go back to the life I had before would be defeat. Forward does not mean easy; it does not mean I will not change paths again it just means for today I place one foot in front of the other, hold my head high and reach my hand to those who extend theirs to me. For in their strength I find my own.

The grey veil of indecision, of malaise cannot touch me this day, I reject its intrusion into my life, the life I choose. My path is clear, there are no brambles for they have been cleared by loving hands; those self-same hands which hold me now until I can venture forth into the light.

I give myself to your mercy, do not let me fall, for it is your strength I call upon now at this nexus of my life. Pull me from the abyss; allow me to once again reign supreme in my domain. An army I see before me; my command withers upon my lips; the blackness calls to me but their light is greater than all the darkness of this night.

I slumber in the safety of violet dew drops and emerald rain; for on the ‘morrow the cerulean sky will break through and I shall emerge upon the stage of my destiny. I will be ready, I will not falter and I will lead for to follow is not serendipity’s manifesto.

I stand not alone but in the company of those who have walked this path with me, together we face the dawn as the grey sky breaks and a smile erupts from my lips you are my past and I only look to the future.

In Peace … JFK

Silk Upon the Wool

Life is nuanced in the subtle shades of our realities; darkness gives distinction and depth of emotions; lighter tones our whimsy to bask in the sun and warm us from the chill of the night air.

The silken thread so delicate and fine but stronger than hemp when force is applied to the properly woven cloth, we are the silken thread so beautiful and delicate but made of sturdier stuff than we imagine.

We are the woolen cape, of roughness to protect from our harsh existence which jostles and buffets us in the northern winds of our time upon this earth; in its dichotomy soft beyond compare as it lays across our bare shoulders.

Upon the weavers frame; patterned and distinct each one tailored to perfection for we each are perfect in our design and function the very breath of creation is upon us each moment the spindle winds its way through the loom.

We are a blend of silk upon the wool, of dark and of light for one does not live without the other. It is the duality of our nature which gives dimension to our character and the beauty which is the very spark of our soul.

Live within the yin that begets yang and the yang that nurtures yin… JFK

A Prayer to an Unknown Entity

David Star

Jeasus as a preacher MOsque

We try to cover too much ground in our lives. We spend our moments as though they will last a lifetime of lifetimes. Our moments are finite, they have a beginning and an end. We cannot bargain for more, we cannot compress a thousand lifetimes into that of just one. More does not mean better and faster sometimes slows us to a stop.
We cannot hope to do more than inspire or motivate another to our cause and we cannot expect everyone will come aboard our transport and follow us on our journey. Some days we travel alone in the wilderness of indecision and others we find ourselves in the company of the masses united in our endeavors.
We may find ourselves lonely in the sea of humanity seeking out the souls of the few who would give us respite from our daily toils; for the loneliness of their number is overwhelming. To find the solitude and comfort of our singular essence alone with nature and with the celestial heavens; to feel the abundance of love and comfort is but what we seek in times of desperation.
Our lives are the culmination of our moments, each distinct and lived, we would hope, with care. So often the moments slip away, the opportunity but a whisper in history. It is not to regret these lost thoughts but to learn so that the future is not constantly written in the past.
To seek the heart’s desires, to fulfill our destiny we each say silently but a prayer to an unknown entity. For we humans are more alike than not, we each desire the fulfillment of our soul, the path may be different and by the means of our own making; but the destination is the same. To have loved, to have inspired and to have created from our very soul a body of work which shall stand immemorial to our existence.
Answers may not always be forthcoming, there may be none, for we do not fully understand the question. To stand upon the earth each day and turn our gaze heavenward; for in that moment we shall find no other explanation than we exist for the grace of it. Lest not we ponder too long on what has been and wish upon that which is to come; for only now we can exist within the course that shall bring us to our destination.
Draw breath into your lungs, let your mind sink deeply into your heart, place one foot in front of the other and exhale. Open your eyes and experience this moment for it shall be gone with the new inhale and you cannot retrieve it from the continuum. Release your mind, open your heart and trust that love will lead you true, exhale and start anew.

In love to all spiritual traditions of the world ©JFK

This Magnificent Experiment We Call Life

The mathematical possibilities of our life are staggering and without calculation; for each human to know his or her life in totality is an impossibility only reserved for the Source. Even then it is unlikely for destiny is not written in the stars but in our thought and our thoughts are manifest in the moment and the moment has no beginning or end.

For there are infinite possibilities each day regarding our actions and our choices. Each choice could be agonized over until we no longer trust ourselves. Would it not be better for each of us to look upon our choices as an opportunity to provide an infinite number of solutions to the consequences of our actions, to rectify that which had poor outcomes and to revel in those which brought a bounty of riches both tangible and not to the universe.

Our choices are a product of our knowledge and circumstances, no less no more. We take a step and many times cannot know the outcome. As we continue down the path the entanglements of our life become more complex; decisions all of which have led us to this moment in time. Those that we perceived ill-made may in the end show us the genius of our life. For our future determines our past if we are to believe quantum mechanics.

It is said all possible futures exist as do all possible pasts, it is only the interaction and interference at a particular moment in time which makes the “choice” of the destination and hence the path that led us to it. If this is the case then our lives are constantly moving forward and back between uncertain beginnings and endings. Only when the calculations are complete can we trace the weaving and circuitous paths that brought us the final moment and the conclusion of this magnificent experiment we call life.

Is it not the journey then that is the difference? Is it not our integrity, our loyalties and that which we hold most dear that becomes the reality? For if all realities exist it is incumbent on each of us to choose wisely, choose with the heart, choose love for that will lead you true even in the fog of indecision. The choice of love seems so simplistic but in reality may be the most difficult for it is entwined with our beliefs, our fears, our hopes, our dreams and those of each and every person whom we have interacted with until that moment.

Our minds can create from pure thought, do not let it deviate from that path for it attempts to draw conclusions based on faulty analysis and patterns which may be as the misalignment of the sine-waves as they collapse upon one another. It is the heart which pierces the veil and leads us true, for it has but one goal to seek love, and achieve happiness. It is relentless in its search to find the true path of our life and lead us there through choices which may not be readily understood but in retrospect are as clear as the sound of the bell in the dead of night.

Allow life to be fluid, like the mechanics of spacetime, for it is in that fluidity that reality is made manifest. Our minds our the most powerful tool that exists in this universe. For what we imagine we can create. Imagine your world, breathe life into it; infuse it with your very soul and write it upon the page note for note. Let the rhythms capture your heart for the heart sings in the key of love. Allow the melody to diffuse into the world through your fingertips. Let your decisions come forth in sincere imagery and give them life by your very will.

Let yourself go; allow yourself to be free. Let the decisions be borne of your understanding of the goals for which your existence in this time is essential… You were always meant to be happy, your heart to be free and your soul to be carried upon the breath of angels. See the path, close your eyes and take that leap of faith for your decisions matter only that you have made them and whatever they shall bring will always provide you with an infinite set of possibilities to achieve that which you hold most dear. Trust yourself, and know others trust you for we are all connected and our destiny is intertwined. Our past is yet to be written for we must choose the future to make it so.

With Love in the Future Tense of the Present Past JFK

Success Is Not A Destination

Success is not a destination but a feeling within yourself of satisfaction. It is not a tangible quantity but an ethereal expression of your soul’s desires. No monetary reward will quench its thirst and no external praise will equal its contentment as it settles into your heart for a long winter’s sleep.

Success is but the manifestation of our creativity within the world as it gazes upon its future with new eyes. We see, we feel and we experience life with newfound exuberance when it resides within us. It is the culmination of a lifetime’s achievement and is sweeter with age than any wine.

No man may predict success for it is elusive and mercurial resting upon one who seems undeserving whilst passing by another whose lifetime speaks with the voices of concerted unanimity. Be not deceived for success has touched the deserving and only a shadow of its presence the undeserved.

We may strive without recognition for years without knowledge of our success to awaken one morning and the world is remade. It did not take place overnight but through the years of hard work we reaped the benefits and finally opened our eyes to our own success.

Judge not what success is and do not dismiss passively what you think it is not, for success comes to each man in his own time and through his achievements in a manner suiting and befitting his efforts. The path that we walk may appear to take us far from our goals. Do not be deceived for nothing is wasted and no detour without merit. Through the wanderings of our lost selves learn the secrets of the universe and amongst those will be found the keys to success.

Each key will unlock a door and within the room a reward dost wait. Enjoy the journey and marvel in the experiences for success is manifest in the wine of life; its scent of rose petal kissed by morning dew and its taste of chocolate buttercream at dusk. Allow their sensations to wash over you like the evening tide on a late Summer’s night forever etched in your memory and written into your history.

Forever on a journey…JFK

A Prayer of Gratitude

I am grateful each morning to find the sun shining above; for the days that it chooses to hide behind a cloud I say a prayer for it too must find its existence trying.
Without fail though, it finds its luminesce and once again graces our earth with its presence.

I am grateful each night for the moon so bright that holds this planet in its gaze, for its tender embrace and eternal vigilance over me.
For the times when humanity was but in its infancy, meticulously counting our months and days by its cycles, giving meaning to our lives.

I am grateful for the rains which fall upon my face; nourishing the earth with its life-giving essence.
Although I may find chill within my bones, it is not with malice the rain doth come; but for the grace of the flora it bequeaths its energies.

I am grateful for the winds which whip my hair; in its gentleness finding homes for wayward seedlings to begin their journey of life anew. With the changing seasons its mercurial nature is revealed of wrath that tears asunder man’s pathetic attempts to exert our fortitude.

I am grateful to Gaia; our earth, our home, for it’s placement in this solar system and galaxy. A blue-green planet of wondrous structure and creativity. Of life-giving force so abundant to give rise to a microcosm of reality and all within the space-time of this universe. A living entity who watches over me, such great comfort I derive from thee; a symbiosis of energies.

With gratitude in my heart for all of the beautiful people in my life JFK

Be The Agent of Change


We awaken each morning in hopes that what we do in some small way will change the world. No grandiose plans, no schemes of a thousand steps, a simple wish that allows for a simple change which will propagate through humanity like the ripple on the pond as the chance pebble disturbs its glassy surface.

It may be the smile that creeps across your lips as you greet your co-worker or the kind word said to a child as they diligently try to tie their laces but it somehow doesn’t look just right; but the action of trying is the smile in their eyes. It is that moment when the door is closing on a stranger and you hold it open; their eyes meet yours and you know it was the only kindness that was felt that day.

Let your life upon this earth be an agent of change, your existence is the very joy of another’s life, revel in that beauty and partake of its reward. For to be loved in this nano-second life which we are given is the greatest gift, and to give love is the service for which we are born. We are the very definition of change and the awakening of beauty. Place the cloak of loving-change upon you each morning as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, let it fill your heart in the darkest of moments and always know that the purity of the universe’s spirit that resides in you is felt by another as though it were their own heartbeat.

We touch lives from the moment we are born to beyond the veil from whence we came and shall return. It is the breaths between those fixed points of our life in which we can enact change within our Universe. Savor each moment, hold it dear for they slip by without a thought unless we are vigilant; we cannot let them leave without a kiss and a prayer.

You make a difference each day in what you do, never mistake a moment of stagnation or a clouded vision for failure, it is but a momentary pause in the great journey of life’s changes. It is your existence that for another will change the course of their life, give breath where none existed and provide the impetus and meaning which they have sought for a lifetime. We do not know when these events shall occur so each day, each moment of each day must be lived as though we have no other moment to experience.

Live for these moments, love within them and smile; for you have changed another’s life this day and tomorrow is but a breath upon the cosmic continuum – be ready to live it for it shall arrive on the wings of angels to carry you to places you have only dreamed of in your yesterday’s.

Changing life one day at a time – JFK