Pardon Our Dust.  Website under Construction.

We are updating our website and schedule.   A newsletter will go out as soon as details are finalized.

Effective 5/23/2020 we no longer accept Groupon/Living Social.  Please contact Groupon/Living Social 866-956-1276 for a refund. 

We have attempted to reach out to Groupon directly to cease  & desist selling our services.   Our current limited capacity of 9 max students per class plus they have changed our terms without our consent have brought us to this decision.   We are sorry for any inconvenience.  We can no longer afford to offer our services through this platform.
We believe in ethical treatment of both individuals and businesses.   We no longer feel Groupon aligns with our ethical code.
We have New Client Specials.  If you'd like to join us for quality classes click here for our current deals.

Classes that start with Online mean they are on Zoom ONLY.


Classes that start with Hybrid are offered in studio and online via Zoom

Things to Know

All Classes: 

Register for Class.

Hybrid Classes:

Review and adhere to Safety Standard (click here)

Online Classes:

You'll get password 30 minutes before class start texted.  More info click here


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