Empower Yoga Love

Happiness is the highest form of health ~ Dalai Lama

Empower Yoga Love

Life is a journey, not a destination ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Andrea Acosta-Duarte de Funk

RYT 200
Yoga Teacher


Andrea believes that life provides us with the tools to live a happy life. She first started practicing Yoga in 2008 to help balance out her work life, and now it helps her every day to get back to a happy universe wherever she ends up; from Toronto to Montreal, and now in Orlando.

It was in sunny Orlando where she was given the opportunity to guide her Yoga practice to a deeper level, where in 2016 she took her 200-hr teacher training. This training made her realize she wasn't getting the fulfillment out of life while working as a Freelance Front-End Developer. It had her questioning what she wanted to do in her life. Thanks to Yoga, she faces the fear of change with love and gratitude.

Andrea is already a Breast Cancer Survivor; diagnosed in August 2017. Yoga was one of the first gateways to finding strength in her body, peace in her mind, and love in her soul. It helps her to face every step of her treatment with fearlessness, acceptance, and non-attachment. It was because of this life challenge that she decided to take her training as a Yoga Teacher with more vigor and to teach outside of her comfort zone.

At Andrea's classes, you can expect a comfortable setting. “We’re all equals in relaxed, yet challenging, classes,” she believes. Each day she works towards improving herself not just as a yoga teacher, but as a human being by practicing mindfulness, meditation, reading, practicing the acceptance of others for who they are, and never giving up on dreams. She strives to make her classes a place where others can reconnect with who they truly are when they feel lost, or boost the energy to work towards a strong life and the achievement of dreams. She believes it’s never too late to mark out a path to bring people closer to who they want to be.