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As we move into 2016 I would like to share with you a little prose I have penned regarding this amazing aspect of humanity for with HOPE all things are possible.

Hope is what allows us to persevere in this world. From the beginning of our civilization humans have struggled mostly for survival but in recent times we have found our basic needs resolved but our wants have grown exponentially. With it has also grown our discontent.

Each one of us has a force that drives us, propels us through our lives and gives meaning to our daily existence. We may attribute this to our job, to our faith in a higher power or even for a gift which we possess. It is hope that is at the center of all, it is hope that allows us to be better at our job, to find meaning in our daily lives and even to give thanks in spiritual matters.

Hope allows us to step out of ourselves and to be more than we think we are. It is the well from which we draw during the moments in our life when we feel we cannot go on and it is the place that resides within us as we give of ourselves to better those we meet and interact with.

Hope is the driving force that overcomes fear and gives strength when our faith fails. Hope is the difference between perseverance and defeat. Hope allows us to override the voice that seeks to protect our ego and allows us to grow and become more than we dreamt we could be. Hope is that place to step into when the world comes crashing down, it envelopes you and infuses you with the energy that you need to go on.

Drink deeply of this elixir for it shall imbue your will with superpowers, not just to take the next step but to see the path ahead and understand its navigation. Your music has beauty, meaning and relevance. It is through hope that you will find the strength to persevere in the dark times and it is the shield that will protect you during the struggles. Hope will allow you, the human, to find your path though it may be filled with brambles and may bring you low at times. Hope comes both from within and without draw from the hope of others who give it freely for they believe in you.

Finally know that hope is not immediate, it is the long road – stay the course. For one day you shall look over your shoulder and see the road that you have traveled, you will see the signposts that led you here. Those signposts were moments of hope that you held close as to continue the journey. Look for your signposts they come in many shapes and many sizes, they each have one common goal, to guide you on your way and give comfort in the moments you need to rest.

With Hope and Love JFK

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