Be The Agent of Change

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We awaken each morning in hopes that what we do in some small way will change the world. No grandiose plans, no schemes of a thousand steps, a simple wish that allows for a simple change which will propagate through humanity like the ripple on the pond as the chance pebble disturbs its glassy surface.

It may be the smile that creeps across your lips as you greet your co-worker or the kind word said to a child as they diligently try to tie their laces but it somehow doesn’t look just right; but the action of trying is the smile in their eyes. It is that moment when the door is closing on a stranger and you hold it open; their eyes meet yours and you know it was the only kindness that was felt that day.

Let your life upon this earth be an agent of change, your existence is the very joy of another’s life, revel in that beauty and partake of its reward. For to be loved in this nano-second life which we are given is the greatest gift, and to give love is the service for which we are born. We are the very definition of change and the awakening of beauty. Place the cloak of loving-change upon you each morning as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, let it fill your heart in the darkest of moments and always know that the purity of the universe’s spirit that resides in you is felt by another as though it were their own heartbeat.

We touch lives from the moment we are born to beyond the veil from whence we came and shall return. It is the breaths between those fixed points of our life in which we can enact change within our Universe. Savor each moment, hold it dear for they slip by without a thought unless we are vigilant; we cannot let them leave without a kiss and a prayer.

You make a difference each day in what you do, never mistake a moment of stagnation or a clouded vision for failure, it is but a momentary pause in the great journey of life’s changes. It is your existence that for another will change the course of their life, give breath where none existed and provide the impetus and meaning which they have sought for a lifetime. We do not know when these events shall occur so each day, each moment of each day must be lived as though we have no other moment to experience.

Live for these moments, love within them and smile; for you have changed another’s life this day and tomorrow is but a breath upon the cosmic continuum – be ready to live it for it shall arrive on the wings of angels to carry you to places you have only dreamed of in your yesterday’s.

Changing life one day at a time – JFK

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  1. I love this!! Yes, I too, try to feel this way every day. I love to be reminded of it, that what we do and say does affect others, and vice versa. But, being good to yourself and others really is a key to a happy life!

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