A Prayer of Gratitude

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I am grateful each morning to find the sun shining above; for the days that it chooses to hide behind a cloud I say a prayer for it too must find its existence trying.
Without fail though, it finds its luminesce and once again graces our earth with its presence.

I am grateful each night for the moon so bright that holds this planet in its gaze, for its tender embrace and eternal vigilance over me.
For the times when humanity was but in its infancy, meticulously counting our months and days by its cycles, giving meaning to our lives.

I am grateful for the rains which fall upon my face; nourishing the earth with its life-giving essence.
Although I may find chill within my bones, it is not with malice the rain doth come; but for the grace of the flora it bequeaths its energies.

I am grateful for the winds which whip my hair; in its gentleness finding homes for wayward seedlings to begin their journey of life anew. With the changing seasons its mercurial nature is revealed of wrath that tears asunder man’s pathetic attempts to exert our fortitude.

I am grateful to Gaia; our earth, our home, for it’s placement in this solar system and galaxy. A blue-green planet of wondrous structure and creativity. Of life-giving force so abundant to give rise to a microcosm of reality and all within the space-time of this universe. A living entity who watches over me, such great comfort I derive from thee; a symbiosis of energies.

With gratitude in my heart for all of the beautiful people in my life JFK

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  1. This is a wonderful post Jen. I, too, am enternally grateful for my life and the Earth, Gaia, that I am blessed to experience every day. Thank you. Peace.

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