Success Is Not A Destination

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Success is not a destination but a feeling within yourself of satisfaction. It is not a tangible quantity but an ethereal expression of your soul’s desires. No monetary reward will quench its thirst and no external praise will equal its contentment as it settles into your heart for a long winter’s sleep.

Success is but the manifestation of our creativity within the world as it gazes upon its future with new eyes. We see, we feel and we experience life with newfound exuberance when it resides within us. It is the culmination of a lifetime’s achievement and is sweeter with age than any wine.

No man may predict success for it is elusive and mercurial resting upon one who seems undeserving whilst passing by another whose lifetime speaks with the voices of concerted unanimity. Be not deceived for success has touched the deserving and only a shadow of its presence the undeserved.

We may strive without recognition for years without knowledge of our success to awaken one morning and the world is remade. It did not take place overnight but through the years of hard work we reaped the benefits and finally opened our eyes to our own success.

Judge not what success is and do not dismiss passively what you think it is not, for success comes to each man in his own time and through his achievements in a manner suiting and befitting his efforts. The path that we walk may appear to take us far from our goals. Do not be deceived for nothing is wasted and no detour without merit. Through the wanderings of our lost selves learn the secrets of the universe and amongst those will be found the keys to success.

Each key will unlock a door and within the room a reward dost wait. Enjoy the journey and marvel in the experiences for success is manifest in the wine of life; its scent of rose petal kissed by morning dew and its taste of chocolate buttercream at dusk. Allow their sensations to wash over you like the evening tide on a late Summer’s night forever etched in your memory and written into your history.

Forever on a journey…JFK

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