This Magnificent Experiment We Call Life

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The mathematical possibilities of our life are staggering and without calculation; for each human to know his or her life in totality is an impossibility only reserved for the Source. Even then it is unlikely for destiny is not written in the stars but in our thought and our thoughts are manifest in the moment and the moment has no beginning or end.

For there are infinite possibilities each day regarding our actions and our choices. Each choice could be agonized over until we no longer trust ourselves. Would it not be better for each of us to look upon our choices as an opportunity to provide an infinite number of solutions to the consequences of our actions, to rectify that which had poor outcomes and to revel in those which brought a bounty of riches both tangible and not to the universe.

Our choices are a product of our knowledge and circumstances, no less no more. We take a step and many times cannot know the outcome. As we continue down the path the entanglements of our life become more complex; decisions all of which have led us to this moment in time. Those that we perceived ill-made may in the end show us the genius of our life. For our future determines our past if we are to believe quantum mechanics.

It is said all possible futures exist as do all possible pasts, it is only the interaction and interference at a particular moment in time which makes the “choice” of the destination and hence the path that led us to it. If this is the case then our lives are constantly moving forward and back between uncertain beginnings and endings. Only when the calculations are complete can we trace the weaving and circuitous paths that brought us the final moment and the conclusion of this magnificent experiment we call life.

Is it not the journey then that is the difference? Is it not our integrity, our loyalties and that which we hold most dear that becomes the reality? For if all realities exist it is incumbent on each of us to choose wisely, choose with the heart, choose love for that will lead you true even in the fog of indecision. The choice of love seems so simplistic but in reality may be the most difficult for it is entwined with our beliefs, our fears, our hopes, our dreams and those of each and every person whom we have interacted with until that moment.

Our minds can create from pure thought, do not let it deviate from that path for it attempts to draw conclusions based on faulty analysis and patterns which may be as the misalignment of the sine-waves as they collapse upon one another. It is the heart which pierces the veil and leads us true, for it has but one goal to seek love, and achieve happiness. It is relentless in its search to find the true path of our life and lead us there through choices which may not be readily understood but in retrospect are as clear as the sound of the bell in the dead of night.

Allow life to be fluid, like the mechanics of spacetime, for it is in that fluidity that reality is made manifest. Our minds our the most powerful tool that exists in this universe. For what we imagine we can create. Imagine your world, breathe life into it; infuse it with your very soul and write it upon the page note for note. Let the rhythms capture your heart for the heart sings in the key of love. Allow the melody to diffuse into the world through your fingertips. Let your decisions come forth in sincere imagery and give them life by your very will.

Let yourself go; allow yourself to be free. Let the decisions be borne of your understanding of the goals for which your existence in this time is essential… You were always meant to be happy, your heart to be free and your soul to be carried upon the breath of angels. See the path, close your eyes and take that leap of faith for your decisions matter only that you have made them and whatever they shall bring will always provide you with an infinite set of possibilities to achieve that which you hold most dear. Trust yourself, and know others trust you for we are all connected and our destiny is intertwined. Our past is yet to be written for we must choose the future to make it so.

With Love in the Future Tense of the Present Past JFK

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