A Prayer to an Unknown Entity

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David Star

Jeasus as a preacher MOsque

We try to cover too much ground in our lives. We spend our moments as though they will last a lifetime of lifetimes. Our moments are finite, they have a beginning and an end. We cannot bargain for more, we cannot compress a thousand lifetimes into that of just one. More does not mean better and faster sometimes slows us to a stop.
We cannot hope to do more than inspire or motivate another to our cause and we cannot expect everyone will come aboard our transport and follow us on our journey. Some days we travel alone in the wilderness of indecision and others we find ourselves in the company of the masses united in our endeavors.
We may find ourselves lonely in the sea of humanity seeking out the souls of the few who would give us respite from our daily toils; for the loneliness of their number is overwhelming. To find the solitude and comfort of our singular essence alone with nature and with the celestial heavens; to feel the abundance of love and comfort is but what we seek in times of desperation.
Our lives are the culmination of our moments, each distinct and lived, we would hope, with care. So often the moments slip away, the opportunity but a whisper in history. It is not to regret these lost thoughts but to learn so that the future is not constantly written in the past.
To seek the heart’s desires, to fulfill our destiny we each say silently but a prayer to an unknown entity. For we humans are more alike than not, we each desire the fulfillment of our soul, the path may be different and by the means of our own making; but the destination is the same. To have loved, to have inspired and to have created from our very soul a body of work which shall stand immemorial to our existence.
Answers may not always be forthcoming, there may be none, for we do not fully understand the question. To stand upon the earth each day and turn our gaze heavenward; for in that moment we shall find no other explanation than we exist for the grace of it. Lest not we ponder too long on what has been and wish upon that which is to come; for only now we can exist within the course that shall bring us to our destination.
Draw breath into your lungs, let your mind sink deeply into your heart, place one foot in front of the other and exhale. Open your eyes and experience this moment for it shall be gone with the new inhale and you cannot retrieve it from the continuum. Release your mind, open your heart and trust that love will lead you true, exhale and start anew.

In love to all spiritual traditions of the world ©JFK

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