Silk Upon the Wool

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Life is nuanced in the subtle shades of our realities; darkness gives distinction and depth of emotions; lighter tones our whimsy to bask in the sun and warm us from the chill of the night air.

The silken thread so delicate and fine but stronger than hemp when force is applied to the properly woven cloth, we are the silken thread so beautiful and delicate but made of sturdier stuff than we imagine.

We are the woolen cape, of roughness to protect from our harsh existence which jostles and buffets us in the northern winds of our time upon this earth; in its dichotomy soft beyond compare as it lays across our bare shoulders.

Upon the weavers frame; patterned and distinct each one tailored to perfection for we each are perfect in our design and function the very breath of creation is upon us each moment the spindle winds its way through the loom.

We are a blend of silk upon the wool, of dark and of light for one does not live without the other. It is the duality of our nature which gives dimension to our character and the beauty which is the very spark of our soul.

Live within the yin that begets yang and the yang that nurtures yin… JFK

Sharing is caring