Serendipity’s Manifesto

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I stand at the precipice of an adventure that will change the way I view the world, it will give me wings to fly close to the sun. I am not Icarus, for I am protected by the sheath of friendship an armour to withstand the cauldrons of creation.

I must believe for to go back to the life I had before would be defeat. Forward does not mean easy; it does not mean I will not change paths again it just means for today I place one foot in front of the other, hold my head high and reach my hand to those who extend theirs to me. For in their strength I find my own.

The grey veil of indecision, of malaise cannot touch me this day, I reject its intrusion into my life, the life I choose. My path is clear, there are no brambles for they have been cleared by loving hands; those self-same hands which hold me now until I can venture forth into the light.

I give myself to your mercy, do not let me fall, for it is your strength I call upon now at this nexus of my life. Pull me from the abyss; allow me to once again reign supreme in my domain. An army I see before me; my command withers upon my lips; the blackness calls to me but their light is greater than all the darkness of this night.

I slumber in the safety of violet dew drops and emerald rain; for on the ‘morrow the cerulean sky will break through and I shall emerge upon the stage of my destiny. I will be ready, I will not falter and I will lead for to follow is not serendipity’s manifesto.

I stand not alone but in the company of those who have walked this path with me, together we face the dawn as the grey sky breaks and a smile erupts from my lips you are my past and I only look to the future.

In Peace … JFK

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