Forever was Yesterday

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Forever was yesterday in the life you knew. Tomorrow is this place that you keep aspiring to. Yet today is the moment that you control.

The arrow of time points in the direction of your tomorrow, your memories in the direction of yesterday and your experience is this very breath.

The smile on your face is today. The photograph of the wind rustling your hair some far away yesterday, but when turns grey all of this becomes the tomorrow you have yet to experience.

We live our lives in moments that we attribute to a time before or after where we presently are. This breath, this moment; this very action are all that we have for there is no tomorrow without today and yesterday brought us this day.

Living our lives with one foot in the past and the other in the future leaves us within an instability that cannot be sustained and should not be.

Laugh today; smile today; love today and be here now for yesterday is but a shadow of that day’s memory and tomorrow has yet to be written into history.

Walking hand in hand with today JFK

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