Tears…Salve to Heal the Wounds

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I am a yoga teacher, a simple creature, I do not have the words or the healing touch that shall heal your broken heart and to restore your soul to the glow that has lit the world these many years. That you shall find again for you are strong and the universe will be kind and keep it safe until you again shall carry it proudly into the world.

If but I could take your tear and fashion it into the salve to heal the wounds I would do so; even if it meant taking a piece of my own heart to graft upon yours.

Our lives are a path washed clean by our tears, our hearts are mended time and again with the love of our fellow man. For it is love that has both injured us and saved us from greater sorrow.

If I could I would take the pain from your heart and to give you the hope that you will awake from this. You have lost one dear, for she gave you life, and nurtured you throughout your life. She was there in all the happy moments and you were there when she needed you most.

Our lives are entwined with others, they shall come into our lives and leave them physically but forever they reside within our hearts. She shall rest there always in peace and without the pain of our earthy existence.

Now you will move forward with her wisdom in your breast and her memory in your heart. Let the condolences of our loved ones hold you as you transition to the life that she has left to you… to waste a moment would tarnish her memory and steal the future which she lives through you.

In peace and loving memory to all of us who have lost someone… for whatever reason… with love in my heart to you JFK

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