Leaves a Mark Within The Mind

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Sharing of moments so precious to our future days. For the memory is sweeter than wine and lingers upon the lips; bursting into an array of fragrant nuances as it touches the pallet and burns like sweet fire in throat.
For our lives are but a collection of memories some bitter and sharp even as the vision once so clear becomes a haze upon the plain of evermore. These are memories that tug upon the heart and leave tears upon our cheek as though we have walked into yesterday.
The punctuated moments ; the staccato beat of the heart; fall into the velvet softness and lilting harpsichord of the mundane daily moments that linger for they were spent with those we love, the laugh of the child in his mother’s arms as the wind catches their smile for it is seared into the soul.
The fire on the cold winter’s night with laughter in the air that rings in the ears like the bells on Christmas morning. The smoke in my hair; the starburst of your eyes reflect the warmth all captured in the heart and to radiate upon the skin that burn so brightly within.
The struggles and the triumphs now walk hand-in-hand along a dusty road that we have long forgotten except for the memory. Like a broken strap on the bag of yesterdays, carried across our shoulder cradled safely in our arms and with tears in our heart.
For as we breathe in each new experience those who have walked with us along the way take our hand and lead us into the tomorrows caste into the sea. It is their memory tucked safely in our soul that gives color to the day and chases the grey clouds to distant lands.
Our gait may no longer be steady, our hand may not hold firm the cup, but the sweet memory of your hand in mine, my eyes uplifted to yours and our laugh at a jest long forgotten warms me with the vigor of my youth.
It will be you always, as the sun sets in the purple hues of the day peppered with coral and golden light skipping across the lake, as the days wane and the seasons become one the scent of pine shall linger in the air to remind me of the trees that once grew there.
We shall fade into the mists of time; save but for memory we have left so little that was permanent of you and me. It was our love that infused the world in which we lived, into the creations we left behind and leaves a mark forever within the mind.
So today I look upon thee; oh sweet memory, stay with me for it was those moments that sustained and nourished me and I will walk with you for all eternity.

As to all things a season; but love shall remain through the ages and nourish, protect and guide us always JFK

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