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It is sometimes the fire within the heart that blazes strong enough to give us strength to survive that which we do not feel is survivable.

Draw your strength from those who surround you, leave your troubles at their feet for they will pick them up and carry them for a while.

Lay your head upon the shoulder of a friend for some days it is easier for them to find strength for you than for themselves.

Know that they are there even when your grief veils you in the gray January morn; they see you and are there when you fall.

Strength is the lightness of the air at the top of the mountain, the granite we tread under foot, but always it is found in the touch upon your soul from the ones who love you most.

Lay your head in their hands, cry the tears of despair; for know as the dawn breaks the light is just the faceted reflections of the eternal spirits from above.

Turn now your face to the east, let the golden hues wash over you, let my soul take your pain, let my heart carry your burden and let your despair wash over me, for I can carry this for you today and tomorrow you can do the same for me.


Sharing is caring