Tether My Soul

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Let the light shine through; in muted fractured slivers; illuminations of me in the reflection of you.

Imprint your mind upon my soul and create a golden tether to bind against the solar winds;

For distance is now not spatial but temporal that separates.

Moments caught in amber glass and lived for eternity; the tendrils of plasma that extend from the heart and bind the soul in history.

Events like moving pictures in disarray; scattered by the diffraction of the Milky Way; bursts forth in a kaleidoscope of color, light made manifest.

Of bridges between galaxies emotion the creation of our tendency; I call forth in harmony tether your soul to me.

Gaze through the dark prism from time before time to a point of generation; it was always you that cast forth the line in the inky dark matter of the universe; magnetic forces of inverse proportionality.

Tether my soul to yours, electrons streaming to infinity; neural pathways conjoined a universal spirituality.

A union within our minds; complementary wavelengths of sound and color mixing to perfection against the stark night sky; silver to gold entwine; the soul to find.

Lifetimes lived one to the next, a melding of emerging timelines woven in a pattern of cosmic unity.

Let not the energies dissipate an obliteration of you or me; find commonality; release creativity; join and tether to me.

Traverse infinity; release conceptuality; embrace unlimited possibility; forever I have tethered your soul to me.



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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I enjoy writing and poetry and prose are my favorite. These are the musings of my heart on a day-to-day basis for you to ponder with me. Much love and Namaste to you all!

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