It Will Always Be Thanksgiving Day

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Gaze upon the table set to perfection; with silent prayer the chairs I count,
A tear upon my cheek for you were not there.

The wine I poured forth, a glass I raise to you, and in simple words know: I miss you.

Let not the dust settle too long, and the past tarnish the new day,
In serenity I sit here amidst the finery that I would give away.

Forgive me; for the words could not profess, not in grandeur or simplicity how your presence changed the world for me.

All that I have, I would give to you and yet I knew that our paths diverged that day
…may you find your way, happiness along your journey,
Let peace wash over your heart like cinnamon cream upon cocoa.

Always I shall set a place for you;
A smile you bring to my lips and a warmth to my heart,
So if you should find yourself back this way know that it will always be Thanksgiving Day.


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