Reflections On This New Year’s Eve

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Reflections are only images lost in time, so take one last moment of 2016 and reflect… breathe in and let it go. We don’t wish to save that which has not served us in 2016 or any other era. We each have that which we regret, please no more regrets, let it go you have no way of changing it now.

Look to the future, let the sweetness of days past provide the pallet for the life you wish to live now. Each moment spent in the past robs you of the moment in your present and will prevent you from creating moments in your future.

Love deeply, and truly, there is no greater gift you can give yourself or the Universe. Love is available to us all, open your heart, allow it to happen for you. It is never too late, breathe in and let the magic begin.

You have no idea how many moments you will be given in this life, to waste but one is a travesty. I enter 2017 with a different mindset than the one the ushered in this year. I believe that what I dream tonight will manifest tomorrow and all the tomorrows that are to follow. I will not be living for some future moment in time but for the one I am immersed in right now. It is what matters, it is what I can hold and when it is gone I will breathe in and let it go.

2017 I am ready for you… I leave my tears in 2016 and I await the magic that will come. For tonight I believe that each moment I am here is a gift not to be squandered frivolously. So I breathe in and now I let it go… join your brothers and sisters in the continuum of time for I have no use of what was…I am too busy living NOW.

JFK in the last moments of 2016

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