On This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is not Chocolates, or cards or roses in a foil laden box… it is that which is unsaid within our hearts cast upon the solar winds lightly sprinkled with stardust and settling ever so gently upon us on the day of our creation.

We humans create endless, useless things which we cast away but at the very root of our being like the tree within the acorn, there is a kernel that represents our soul. If one day science does find a way to understand humans I think it will find love is the actual makeup of who we are. It is our unlimited capacity to find beauty within another and to want to bond to that for all time. For to be human is to be a seeker and for all we seek love, though we call it by many names and its shape is unique to each … it is love and it is essential for our survival.

So on this Valentine’s Day it is not the simplistic romantic notion that I write upon, it is something on a grander scale I see.. a love for all humanity for that which makes us unique and gives us purpose. It is the noble quality within us, it is that which removes doubt and gives us hope and it is that which we call upon when we have exhausted all other avenues, and it never fails us: for love has miraculous powers and is able to remove the darkest of clouds and the deepest of scars with but an utterance from our lips.

So as I awake and look upon the day, I see the endless web of love, it is within the rock, and the leaf of the tree, it is the ocean teaming with life, and the stars that twinkle at me, it is that feeling that drives me and it is in each season of life’s creativity, for you see we cannot escape this thing that is responsible for you and me. We are wound upon its axis, we drink from its life force. Each a player in its larger reality for in this Universe it is my nature to love you and you to love me.

(Jennifer Falagrady Katona Valentine’s Day 2017)

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