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Is it my responsibility? My duty to my humanity, the unconditional caring for you, and for me. For would we not find true beauty in less clutter and more unobstructed clarity? To choose with but a moment’s thought to trade a myopic paradigm and see with the eyes of another; their inner landscape and their reality. Not a grand gesture, not the cosmic shift of energies or cataclysms we imagine. Just a little kindness from me, so that you can know that life in its momentary lapses finds a bit of laughter and true joy with nothing monetary; for all I expended was a little effort and great humility.

It is just a thought within me, that I need to find my connection to the whole. To serve my purpose in the cosmic reality and to knit this sweater of holistic wellbeing between you and me. It is the particle dance of energies; for we enter as two and become one that never was henceforth until we found our similarities, to provide a bond of incomparable strength, only the Universe could grant an expenditure of such energy. So we humanity, forever now bound by a commitment of quantum entangling energy, in an age of mutuality, our shared purpose manifest as positivity.

Just a breath in a collective universal sigh, a step we take together, shall it be left or right, the heart speaks directly from our lips, spreading like the dawn across the eastern plane and we stare in wonder as a child for there is no understanding just knowing in this that the heart found its purpose and we could do no more.

So maybe this is the meaning of life, that convergence of heart, and mind and spirit in pure action with motives that defy possibility and manifest in loving kindness to all Humanity.

©JFK March 5, 2017

Sharing is caring



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