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Topic of Week: Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love is love without conditions.

Our topic is Unconditional Love.  Let us focus on manifesting unconditional love….. for ourselves, those around us, and all that surrounds us.

Do you feel you have experienced unconditional love? Some of us have been surrounded by this knowing from a very young age.   Our entire life, we may have  been blessed with a circle of support and the feeling of unconditional love.   This fuels knowing the feeling and using this energy to continue to manifest our energy into growing and sharing this love.  There may have been times we’ve had a lack of this type of love.   The great news is, when we have done without something so essential we know the feeling of needing which allows for empathy and being in tune to the essential need.

We are capable of manifesting anything we need.   Let us focus our energy on growing our capacity to give and receive unconditional love.  This means letting go of expectation and embracing each opportunity to love for the sake of love.   The best way to receive love is to give love freely, unconditionally.

Use this mantra to grow your capacity to give and receive true unconditional love:  I am unconditional love….yes it is that simple.  Look in the mirror, say it out-loud, repeat often.

Unconditional Love and YOUR Yoga Practice:

Chakra of week to manifest unconditional love:

Heart Chakra (Anahata 4th Chakra)

Image result

All chakras are important.  The heart chakra is known to help us recognize and get in touch with our sacred and core truth which runs through all of life and connects us to the universe.

Heart Chakra Mantra (sound):


Try this 10 minute heart chakra meditation:

Pose to open your Heart Chakara:

Camel Pose (Ustrasana in Sanskirt)

Bring your focus to opening the heart and shining toward the sky.


  1. Kneel on mat (legs hip width apart)
  2. Place both hands on hips
  3. Lift sternum up
  4. Stay in step 3 or begin to deepen back bend to your level of comfort
  5. To exit, bring chin toward chest and hands on hips.   Engage core and hands for support.  Come up slowly with control.

Crystals for Heart Opening:

Rose Quartz

Take away:


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