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Topic of Week: Self-Confidence

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Chakra to Manifest Self-Confidence

solar plexus

Ram Meditation:

Find a comfortable space and posture, close the eyes, focus on even breaths, and relax.     Begin with 5 minutes a day and add a minute or so each day.



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Real Talk:  Self-Confidence

In order to obtain and improve self-confidence we have to  begin to believe in ourselves and STEP OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES.  Going out of our comfort zone can sound over-whelming.   The good news is, we can break things down into small pieces; carrying a single brick at time to build a strong foundation, rather than trying to carrying the whole house at once.


  • Take personal responsibility. keyphrase.  Many times we second guess ourselves after others express doubt.   Remind yourself of why it is right. When someone expresses disapproval, ask yourself
    • Ask yourself does my choice harm?
    • How does this affect the person?
      • We are trained to figure out what the risks are. Loved ones may be looking out for your well-being by expressing their doubts and disapproval.   Be grateful for their input but resist the urge to give up only for appeasing others.
      • We are also told to be polite. Yes, being kind is important.   We can be much kinder by being our true selves and not holding resentment for limiting ourselves because of what others may think.
    • Speak your truth. Speak with kindness and compassion.
      • Be honest with yourself. We must first allow ourselves to be open and honest with ourselves.  We cannot communicate to others what we need or want if we ourselves are not sure.
      • Be honest (and kind) with others. Set the tone.
        • We do not have to agree with others. We should respect that we are all on different journeys and learn to empathize with others yet not feel the need to have to agree.
          • A perfectly acceptable response. “Thank you for sharing your opinion. We have different views on opinions”.
        • Reinforce good behavior and do not accept bad behavior.
          • Give compliments when someone does something you like. “I appreciate <insert good behavior>”
          • Express when you’re not comfortable with certain behaviors. “I am not comfortable with <insert action>, please stop”.  If not possible, remove yourself as soon as possible.  Never apologize for not accepting unkind behavior.  We can be kind and not be doormats.
        • Make time for yourself. Many of us juggle many plates at once. We want to be supportive, helpful, and accomplish our long to-do list.   In order to serve others, we first have to take the time for our self-care.
          • It is okay to say no.  We are gifted each day with limited time and energy.  Use it mindfully.
            • Example: Invitations to outings from loved ones, co-workers or the person we met that one time at that one place.  We want to support and don't want to make the person feel bad if we decline.  Graciously declining, rather than showing up only half there, is the kind thing to do. Express your gratitude for the invitation and kindly say: “Thank you but I don’t have time for this occasion”.
            •  Taking on additional work when we are stretched too thin (no pun intended).  It is okay to decline making cupcakes for your neighbor brother's goat bake sale.  Doing things when we are recharged is a lot more rewarding.
              • Fine Print: keyword here is mindfully choosing how we spend our energy.  Skipping an important business meeting to meditate an extra hour?  Well, a pink slip may be the karmic response.   However, politely declining an invitation to go to your cousin's dog birthday party to catch up on much need rest?  I think the karma police will definitely let it slide.  If you want brownie points, maybe send Fido a tennis ball to chew 🙂
        • Set Goals and Take Risks. We aren’t talking jumping out of a plane with no knowledge if your parachute will open type risks.  To grow confident in ourselves we have to start doing the things we keep telling ourselves we cannot.   The first step is to change I can’t with I could. Next time you catch yourself thinking or saying “I can’t” stop IMMEDIATELY and do the following:
          • Pause and take a deep breath.
          • Repeat “I could”, three times. What we tell ourselves becomes reality.
          • Begin to visualize the steps to take “I could” and turn it into “I can”.   
            • Take yourself on a visual journey.
              • For example: People often say to me that “I could never <insert a challenging physical movement>”.   Let’s take running a marathon for a visual ride…..buckle up yogis!Image result for vroom vroom
                • Visualize your desired result.  Visualize yourself running past the finish line; picture the shoes touching down onto the pavement, the sweat trickling down your face, the smile of accomplishment, the heavy beating of your heart. Now, I know for some this sounds less than great (myself included) but stay with me.  You did it!  You ran your first visual marathon.
                • Visualize the steps.  Now ask yourself what can I do to get to the marathon finish line. What steps would it take?
                  • Learn as much as you can about running. Maybe hire a coach or join a group.
                  • Put on your running shoes.
                  • Step outside.
                  • Begin to place one foot in front of the other. You’re jogging!
                  • The first attempt may only take you a few steps. Take a rest and try again.
                  • Each attempt you gain a little more distance.  It becomes a little easier.
                  • After extensive training, hard work, and positive thinking you’re ready for your first marathon.
              • Comparing ourselves to others.  What does this or a marathon have to do with self-confidence? A lot.   Have you ever seen someone doing something that seems nearly impossible/super human?   How often have you thought to yourself: "I could NEVER"?   What tends to happen is we see someone doing something we would love to do, such as run a marathon (again just an example….I personally prefer to sit in snow without a jacket).  We think of only the end result, the other person running across the finish line.   We then think “wow, that’s impressive, I could never”.  We forget to take into account all the steps and challenges it took for that person to get there.  By breaking it down we leave the burden of comparing ourselves and feeling defeated.  We see that we could.
    • Turn “I could” into I can and decide if you WANT to. The self-assurance that we can may be exactly what is needed. We now have a plan and it’s there is we WANT to use it.  So run to the finish line, if that's your thing.  Or don't and smile confidently knowing you can if you darn well want to.
  • Learning from challenges. Our life presents us the choice to make mistakes which we regret or take those challenges as an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow from them.  Dwelling on the past won’t change what has already happened, but it can keep you from enjoying the present.
    • Joe’s Path. Joe has been walking the same path for years.  Joe begins his walk, on the same path, each day the same.  A new hole has just been dug and Joe falls in.  In a bit of fury and covered in dirt, he climbs out and thinks to himself: “My day is ruined!”  There entire day he continues to replay the fall, telling everyone.  He is so consumed he misses the good news his friends wanted to share, the announcement about his favorite band in town, and so many of the little things that day.  The next day, he is still preoccupied about the fall, he walks the same path and falls in again.  This time, he sits in the bottom of hole thinking: “just my luck”.  Another day ruined as he only focuses on how unlucky he is.  His bad luck follows him. This continues, day after day.  Each day seeming to bring a darker cloud.  On his birthday, Joe decides to stop and takes a breath before heading off on the same path, thinking to himself “Today will be different.  Today is MY day.  Today will be great!”.   Joe, who is smiling for the first time in ages, passes the hole without falling in.   The entire day is brighter than before.  He finds good luck with every moment.   As he is laying in bed, he thinks “today was a good day.  Tomorrow will be even better”.  Joe wakes up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.  With a clear mind, Joe realizes there is a better path, one with no hole.  Joe starts on his new path.   He is even able to save enough time to stop and smell the lovely flowers along the way.
      • Did Joe luck change?  Was there some hocus pocus spell removed?  No, what changed is Joes perspective.  Once he stopped focusing on all that was going wrong, he was able to find a solution.
  • Accept compliments. Resist the urge to correct someone when they give you a compliment or wonder why.  Be grateful for words of kindness and express gratitude to the person speaking kind words to you, if not for yourself do it for the other person.
  • Speak words of kindness.  Next time you notice someone or something positive, speak up.   Sharing kind words not only makes others feel good, it raises our own energy level and starts a chain reaction.  Be sure to keep the words you speak to yourself kind.
  • There is no quick fix. Building confidence takes effort.  It takes determination.   We must continue to pick ourselves up, dust our self off, and reassure ourselves “we can".
    • Be mindful. Keep Going!


Power of Mindfulness

Pose of week:  Focus on Self-Confidence

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana in Sanskirt)



Bring your focus to standing powerfully and grounding.


  1. Start feet wide, toes pointing forward
  2. Bend knees, align knees over ankles.
  3. Strong and long spine
  4. Strong and engaged legs
  5. Arms out wide, elbows bent
  6. Heart shine forward
  7. Breathe into belly




Take away:


Believe in the magic that is you.


magic self worth happiness




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