How to: Hurricane Guide, Resources, & Maintaining calm.

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Your Complete Guide to Prepare for Hurricane Irma while maintaining calm.







Preparing for a hurricane can be a stressful and crazy time for even the most peaceful Yogi Bear.  Trying to figure out what to get, how much of it, where to get, and more.   We’ve put together some local Orlando resources and helpful tips to get ready for the storm and still keeping your zen. Get answers on:

  • Where do I get plywood?
  • Stores are out of water.  What do I Do!?
  • How do I prepare in case of power loss?
  • How do I not drop kick someone?
  • How can I make the best of this?

City of Orlando: Status Updates and Locations (Garages, Shelters, Sand Bag Distribution Centers):  Click Here find out which city services closed, parking garage locations (leave your car safe), shelters,  updates from City,  Emergency radio station info, news updates and more.

Click here to get detailed help on putting together a hurricane plan including shelter, documents, alterts, etc.


Tip#1 Breathe.

Take a moment to collect your thoughts. Just 1 minute,  focus just on your breathe, nothing else.  Ok now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!  Repeat step 1 often.  1 Minute of focused breath can make the difference between allowing the stress to overflow and keeping things in check.


Tip#2 Dealing with Water supply

While finding bottled water may seem impossible, there’s still hope.

  1. Upcycle your current containers.  All those Mason Jars, empty juice containers, DIY projects for “One day”.   Gather those up and fill them with water.
  2. Where & How to Fill up  on water:
    1. Local Breweries:   We’ve found a few local breweries with filtration systems that are offerings to fill up your containers with filtered water, FREE.
      1.   Ten10 
      2. Thirsty Topher
    2. Filling Stations:  You can visit your local supermarket.  Lucky’s and Publix offer water filling.   Take your containers and get ready to filler up.  You can also find a Glacier fill station.
    3. Filter System:  Brita filter jugs and refills tend to hang around longer than bottle water during a crisis.   Check your local stores or order online:








3.  We called around to local water delivery services.  While they are backed up for this storm season;  they did share they are ensuring current customers are getting extra needed water in preparation.  Opting for water service now may help for next time, plus save you money on bottled water and make you greener. 🙂


Tip#3 Boarding up windows & Preventing Home Flooding.  Where do I find plywood & sandbags?

We can teach you how to find a bit of peace but won’t tackle how to board windows. Click here for some how-to on boarding up windows.

We have complied a list of local businesses who have plywood in stock.  As of Tuesday 9/5/2017 12pm, these are verified to have plywood in stock.

Local Plywood Sources

Locations for Sandbags.  



Tip#4 Be neighborly.  Help one another.  






We live in a wonderful community with so many people willing to lend a helping hand.  The more we come together, the more we can accomplish.

  1. There are community forums online such as , Facebook Groups (search Groups with keyword specific to your neighborhood)….use these platforms to help coordinate efforts with your local neighbors.
    1. Task such as getting food and supplies can be divided among a small group.
    2. Trade:   are you handy?  Offer to stay and board windows for a neighbor in exchange for them picking up supplies on their supply run.
  2. Speak to your neighbors.   Find ways to help each other.
  3. Do you have an neighbors who will be alone/are elderly/or have special needs?   If you have the space in your home and heart, be of service by assuring them they can come to your home if needed.
  4. Be compassionate and kind.   Remember everyone is a little extra stressed, take a breathe and put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors, the person in front of you in line, etc.   Be kind, even when it seems impossible.


Tip#5  Cooking without power.  How TO

  1. Use your grill.   Make sure to get propane.   Uhaul, Tractor Supply, Ace Supply and many other places are go to for propane.  Be aware, propane refills may one of those unicorn finds.
  2. Make a alcohol burning stove from things you have in garage.
  3. Invest in a Solo Stove/similar camping stove.  Or try the DIY Version using tin cans 
  4. Try one of the Survival/Campers guide to cooking without power/propane/gas 



Tip#6  Food.  How to prepare for wholesome nutritious meals


It’s easy to grab every bag of chips and box of cookies in the heat of the moment.  If that’s what keeps your boat floating, then rock on.  But if you want some tips on how to keep it healthy even in times of challenge keep reading. 🙂




  1. For my DIYer’s it’s a great time to do some DIY Canning.  This opens up a world of possibilities to what you can store and have on hand for emergencies.
  2. Limited Resource Cooking staples:  Rice, Quiona, and Oats.  Mix with beans, canned veggies.
  3. Flavor staples:  Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, pepper, honey, maple syrup.   A sprinkle of these items can make the most bland meal sparkle.
  4. Dried veggies & fruit store bought.  If you have a dehydrator, start making your own stock by picking up fresh produce to dehydrate.
  5. Canned food:  canned beans, canned veggies, coconut milk (amazing on oats with a dash of honey or coffee), canned fruit (look for no syrup/sugar added if possible).
  6. Peanut butter.  The fresh pressed from Luckys almond or peanut butter is so delicious (with no added oils), inexpensive, and has a great shelf life.
  7. Fruit:  Apples tend to have a decent shelf life, lasting up to 2 weeks.   They are delicious plain or sprinkle some cinnamon and or honey.   Or spread peanut butter on top for a magical experience.  Bananas will last 3-6 days and are easy to eat.
  8. Nuts have a long shelf life and are packed full of nutrients.
  9. Granola bars and granola:  aim for simple whole-food ingredients.
  10. Boxed nut milks.   Add granola, or drink plain.
  11. Boxed soups, veggie broths.   Eat alone or add any veggies that you may have.
  12. Potatoes last a LONG time.  They tend to take a bit of effort to cook so if grill is an option, chop ’em up and grill for delicious potatoes/fries.  Drizzle with oil olive and salt.
  13. Coffee/teas:   pre-brew coffee and tea to have on hand.


Tip#7  Meditate:  Yeap seriously, Just do it.








  • A simple mantra (phrase repeated out-loud or silently) such as “I am calm.  I am safe” repeated for 1 minute, 5 minutes or more as you inhale and exhale fully.
  • Try a guided meditation.  Begin with 1 minute, then 5 minutes, then 30 minutes, etc.   Rinse and repeat.
  • Call us 407-375-8489 to organize a guided meditation session for yourself and others in the community.


Tip#8 Give back.  Donate

Once the storm has passed, you may find you have an abundance.   Consider donating your plywood to local charities which help build homes for people in need:

Food & Water Supplies can be donated to:








Tip#9  Stay focused and present.

This can be an easy time to allow ourselves to go into panic mode.   Stay focus and present.  Maintaining calm during preparations can make a world of difference.  It will allow you to plan thoughtfully and be sure you are prepared.

Be sure to take breaks from social media and the news.    These outlets are wonderful and can keep you up to date but can begin to feel overwhelming if we spend too  much on them.  Take it seriously but do take with a small grain of salt.

In my 20 years of living in Florida, I have weathered the storms.  During Charley, I was in a panic after hearing weather personality stating “This is the biggest storm we will ever see…that’s if we don’t all DIE”.   I immediately crawled into the  small bathtub with my 2 big German Shepard’s and dragged the mattress into our tiny bathroom (another tip from same weather dude).   Meanwhile, my mothers partner laughed and frolicked outside (DO NOT attempt this).  He didn’t get hurt but this was luck.   We were two people in the same place, having two very different experiences.   I learned something the next day from his silly actions…..I learned balance, panic mode doesn’t help and of course neither does careless action.   Find a happy middle, have board games, puzzles, books, etc ready  to keep you occupied while waiting for the storm to pass.  How we choose to bare the storm we do have choice over.  Another lesson I leaned is no matter what happens we can laugh or cry through a storm.  I have chosen to smile and find calm ever since that storm.

Orlando is a strong community.    It is important to have a solid plan and be prepared, but not allow panic to take over.   You got this.  Breathe.


Tip#10  Breathe.  Prepare.  Be Kind

You already said all that.  I know.  It is worth repeating.











Our doors are open.  During this uncertain time, we welcome you to take a class and if you’re in need, just come and pay what you can.  Everyone deserves a moment of peace.

Our class schedule:   

Complete online waiver ahead of time, if you can:

This offer is intended those that have a financial need.   We know everyone has plenty to worry about so we will be waiving our financial sponsorship application during storm season.  Just mention”Weather the Storm” at check in and state the amount (if any) you’d like to pay.


Be Well. Be safe.


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