May News: Moms Poem, Deals, & Yoga En Espanol

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Time spent together doing things to grow and learn is one of the best gifts you can give.   What better way to show the nurturing souls in your life you appreciate them, than yoga together?   Try out this flow from anywhere.

Printable Mothers Day Flow Poem

Mothers Day Poem Flow

The unconditional love a mother gives is stronger than a Mountain (Mountain/Tadasana Pose).

A mother cares with every fiber of herself, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. (Forward Fold/Uttanasana Pose).

She is willing to carry the weight of the World on her shoulders just for the smile of her children.  (Plank Pose)

As the Universe constantly shifts and changes, one constant is the love more unconditional and pure than man’s best friend (Down Dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana Pose).

You can rest easy knowing a mother’s love is eternal (Final Resting/Savasana).

*Reminder: always honor your body and take modifications as desired.

Happy Mothers Day from your Empower Yoga Family




Give and get.  This deal is STACKABLE with New Client Deal!


Our BEST deal EVER!  Stack this with Mom Day Deal.

Yoga En Espanol con Andrea.   



 Now at Fridays 6:45pm
Happy Hour has never been so Good for you! This class is to embrace the unknown. How often have you wanted to try something new only to talk yourself out of it?  Beat your fears, grow, and find pure joy.Each Wild Class will be a surprise! It will be any class that we offer:
Yoga (from Gentle to Power Flow)
Aerial Yoga or Fitness
Acro Yoga
Self Care Mini Workshops
Or we may throw in a whole new modality.
**All classes are designed so everyBODY can praticipate safely and effectively.We will offer a clue the day of on social media (either IG or FB) @EmpowerYogaLove as to what the class may be.

Now at Fridays 5:30pm 
 Orlandos best, healthiest & happiest Friday Happy Hour!  Boost your strength and confidence through this empower class focused at toning our mind & body.



Our mailing address is:
801 Woodbury Rd, Suite 101, Orlando, Fl 32828
(321) 420-YOGAEmpower Yourself & the Community





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