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Always look up, not down, for maybe one day there will be no tomorrows.
Let yourself be fascinated by that which others pass by.

Acknowledge that sadness exists but find a reason for joy within it.

Let yourself dream more, criticize less and know that sunrises are most precious when you feel them upon your face.

Capture beauty when you can, don’t close your eyes to ugliness but paint it in shades of pink to banish it from existence.

Stop! Take that Breath! Know what is right in your heart, even if the world stands firmly against you.

Never miss an opportunity to love, and always pass by the offerings of hate so freely available.

Be less scared, find more courage and embrace your vulnerability.

No! it doesn’t always work out ok, but find the peace in that and move forward.

For there may not be any tomorrows, maybe the sun will not rise for you…
The words that were not spoken, the dreams that somehow seemed to fantastic to live.

The wonder of the child lost all those summers ago, and winter you forgot was beautiful and clear and gave you perspective.

Love will never grow if bottled and placed upon a shelf; look into the eyes of your family and your friends;

The smiles do fade, the face a wrinkle or two may come… but a moment is all we have.

Do not wonder if there are no tomorrows, but find the strength and capture time; open your eyes and walk boldly . . . become the child and watch the clouds.

For this is your sunrise, and it is a moment without end… do not wonder if there are no tomorrows.

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