Child’s Pose

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Balasana (Child’s Pose) is natural to us when we are children, so why shouldn’t it be when we are adults. This pose brings us to our natural selves, connecting to the earth, connecting to our breath and finally connecting to the Universe for which we have all come. We are children of the stars.

This pose is fundamental in bringing ourselves into a natural state of existence. It does not require of us but asks us to let go, to BE and to accept.

Body Parts Effected: Hip opener, spinal extension, ankle and quadriceps release
Preparatory poses: Foundational pose
Pose type: Seated, forward fold, restorative
Also known as: Balasana (Bala =child, Asana = Pose)

1. Place hands and knees on mat, allow knees to come wide, toes come together.
2. For a gentler hip opener keep knees closer together, there will be more rounding through spine and upper shoulder blades.
3. Begin to fold at the waist, lengthening the torso out along the upper thighs, slightly rounding the back.
4. Gently begin to bring forehead to the mat or block.
5. Arms reach long in front of you palms down stretching long, or rest by your knees palms up relaxing the shoulder blades.
6. Draw the attention inward, letting the inhales fill your lungs and press your chest towards you thighs or the mat depending on width of the knees.
7. Breathe calmly and steady through the nose, lengthening the breath.

Use of a Props
1. If the forehead does not reach the mat a block, pillow or bolster can be used to support the head and ensure relaxation in the pose.
2. A blanket can be used behind the knees laying over the calves to help reduce strain and tight hip flexors.
3. If the tops of the feet feel sensitive placing a blanket under the feet is a good option.

a. Always consult your medical professional prior to beginning any exercise program
b. Anyone with knee injury or recent knee surgery should avoid this pose
c. Pregnant women can generally practice Balasana without difficulty by widening the knees and not pressing into the thighs

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