Knees Chest Chin

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Ashtanga Namaskara (Knees Chest Chin) This pose emphasizes the motions needed for cobra pose, by accentuating the fluidity of the spine.

Body Parts Effected: Biceps, triceps, spine, collarbone, core
Preparatory poses: forward fold, plank pose,
Pose type: Backbend
Also known as: Ashtanga Namaskara (ashta = eight, Anga = limb, Namaskara = salutation)

1. Rock forward from Downward dog into plank pose, wrists under shoulders. Belly in, looking forward of the hands which are fanned out on the mat.
2. With an exhalation, lower your knees to the floor. Keep your toes tucked under.
3. Hug your elbows in toward your sides, pointing them back toward your heels.
4. Keeping your hips lifted off the floor and palms flat, bring your chest to the floor.
5. Place your chest between your hands and gently touch your chin to the floor.
6. Hold for 1-10 breaths, and then lower your body all the way to the mat and rest.

Props and Pose Tips
1. A blanket or pad can be placed under the knees if you feel sensitivity.
2. Keep elbows locked into side of body to help support shoulder girdle and maintain posture. This pose is intended to help build strength in the body for full chaturanga.
3. Do not let the belly drop, maintain the integrity of the pose by holding the lower belly in. The core integrity is imperative with this pose.

a. Always consult your medical professional prior to beginning any exercise program
b. If you are pregnant this pose should be modified after the 1st trimester.
c. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome this pose is not advised as it places a strain on the wrists and forearms. .

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