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Cupping, everything you need to know

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What is Cupping?

Cupping is an ancient form of healing medicine, in which suction is applied by use of special cups. They are placed along targeted areas of the body during treatment.   The results of cupping can be physical or emotional release of pain and general well-being.

Who Should Try Cupping?

There are a variety of reasons to try cupping ranging from reduction in pain, sports therapy, breaking up scar tissue, improving circulation, helping to reduce anxiety, reduction of visual effects of cellulite, and giving skin a vibrant glow.

Injury, overuse, and scar tissue are a few possible reasons muscles and other soft tissues get “stuck”.  These adhesions prevent optimal functioning, often creating lasting pain.   Cupping can help aid to “release” the restricted muscles, tendons, and fascial layers, increase circulation, and allow more nutrients in blood to be supplied to the affected area.  Cupping can help your body heal, and pain to be reduced or even eliminated.


What Can You Expect from Cupping?

You can think of it as an “opposite massage”.  In regular massage, pressure is typically applied downward.   In cupping, the soft tissues (muscle, fascia, skin) are lifted upward.

Cups are either gently moved for a “cupping massage” or left in one place for  5-10 minutes, depending on the desired results.

Cupping should not hurt.  Pain during treatment typically is an indicator that cups have been placed too tightly. If this happens, tell your therapist to lessen the pressure or release a little of the vacuum in the cup.

Clients describe a varying range of pleasant sensations during treatment such as a “flush” in the treatment area, warmth, slight pulling, and feelings of release.

Slight warning: You may look like you were hugging an octopus after your treatment as you see in the picture.   Bruising is normal, especially with dry cupping when cups are left stationary (vs. being consistently moved).


Some people experience a temporary itching sensation which is a good thing!  This is a sign of increased blood circulation, bringing much needed nutrients and removing metabolic toxins.


What are the Types of Cupping?

There are different cupping methods such as dry cupping, moving massage cupping, and wet cupping.  Dry cupping uses cups and creates suction when placed on the skins: pulling skin away from other connective tissue to allow space for restrictions in the tissues to begin to heal.   Moving massage cupping glides suctioned cups with oil along the area to be treated  and  can be used to compliment a relaxing gentle massage or as part of treatment during deep tissue, medical massage, or sports therapy massage, depending on the desired outcome.  Wet cupping involves the therapist slicing the superficial layer of skin with a surgical blade, then placing suction cups to drain small amounts of blood; don’t worry: Empower Yoga doesn’t employ this method……blood makes us queezy.

What Can You Do to Assist the Cupping Treatment?


Cupping is a wonderful tool to help aid in your healing process.   For optimal results having a well regimented routine is best.   Incorporating exercise, stretching, and proper nutrition into your lifestyle will hugely improve your results.


Talk your therapist today about a treatment plan that is right for your needs and budget.  Optimal well-being is much more affordable than you might think!

And in case you need more help than a cupping treatment provides:  We work with some wonderful locally based natural medical professionals and are always happy to give you a reference when needed.

Start your process to healing today.



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