Wise Words

I ran across an article, titled “Wise Words” written by Matthew Bauman in AOPA Flight Training Magazine with a great introduction that not only relates to pilots.

I rewrite the article introduction for the Yogi, but these wise words are for anyone in any walk of life.


The wisest advice for any successful Yogi is twofold: Do the simple things well, and maintain your humility.

We are all human and therefore prone to mistakes. Acknowledge this and accept it, but remain vigilant.

Be aware that there will always be someone more skillful or knowledgeable than you.

Maintaining our humility allows us to pass on what we have learned, as well as to recognize our shortcomings and seek improvement.

Humility makes us better individuals.

Those who embraced this concept are remembered for their integrity and great achievements, and the ones who ignored it are remembered for their downfall.

Fortunately, there are some very wise Yogis who remember where they started—in the same place as many of you are today—and enthusiastically mentor the next generation.

Seek them out and your potential is endless.