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Office Yoga

Office Yoga Routine that won’t make your co-workers giggle


We get it.  Life happens in super fast speed at times.   For the days when life is flying by at warp speed is when it is the most important to take a few moments to reset and recharge.   Use this simple yoga routine that can be done from seated from your office desk.


  • Chair Pigeon Pose
    • Stack right ankle with foot flexed on top of left thigh. *Aim for right ankle in line with right knee.
    • Inhale: lengthen spine
    • Exhale: Release right knee toward ground.  *Release shoulder downward
  • Crescent Moon
    • Lengthen spine, root sit bones, ground feet.
    • Inhale: reach arms over head
    • Exhale: reach right hand overhead toward left side of room. *Keep sit bones grounded.  Gaze in direction most comfortable for your neck.
  • Chair-Chair Pose
    • Feet together, strong core. Aim for 5 rounds of breath
    • Inhale (from seated): raise arms overhead, squeeze thighs, engage core, lift your seat off your chair.
    • Exhale: relax through shoulders & face.
  • Seated Twist
    • Move toward edge of chair. Feet firmly grounded
    • Inhale: rise arms overhead
    • Exhale: twist toward right. Bring right hand to back of chair, left hand to outer right thigh, gaze over right shoulder.
Empower Yoga

Yoga is cheaper than a straight jacket

Tis’ the Season….the holidays are approaching

The holidays are approaching.   This season tends to fill us with opportunities to spend more time with family and friends.   It is also a time of year many watch their to-do list grow, and find ourselves spending less time on our self care.

Helpful Tips to Stay Sane & Ward off Holiday Stress

  1. Plan for You.  Schedule time periods regularly for rest and self-care just like you would an important meeting.
  2. Saying No is kind.  Work parties, friend gatherings, family events, and requests tend to pile up all at once as the holidays approach.  You want to be supportive so you say yes to almost everything, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings right/miss out?  People who care about you will be understanding if you politely decline.  Treat your time like a value source of currency because it is.   You wouldn’t spend all your money on something that you don’t need or want, so why spend your energy?  Be picky about what you agree to.   You will be able to be fully present and dedicated to the things you do say yes to.
  3. Think outside the gift box.  Speaking of currency, holidays is a time of increased spending.  They don’t have to break the bank.   Make packs with family and friends to not do gifts or to keep it at a bare minimum.  Do things together that you love and to help each grow.   Try something new, cook together, take a class together, volunteer at a local charity.
  4. Breathe. Simply put breathe.   For those unexpected moments of challenge, take at least 1 full minute to focus on your breath.   Steadying your breath will put things into perspective and allow you to handle challenge gracefully.
  5. Challenge yourself to keep an attitude of gratitude. Holidays are meant to be a time to be grateful. Keep focused.  We will roll out a Gratitude Challenge starting 11/15, stay tuned.

Recipe: Zingy Zucchini Ginger Smoothie & Mindful Eating

Add variety to your menu with this zingy smoothie.


  • 1 Banana
    • frozen bananas work best (be sure to peel before freezing)
  • 1 thumb fresh Ginger
  • 1 Small Zucchini
  • 1 tbsp Bee Pollen
  • 1/2 cup Ice
  • 1/2 cup H20

Blend and enjoy.


You can add unflavored protein powder for an extra boost.



Tools Needed:

  • Blender
    • We used a Vitamix knock-off, the Amibano from Aldi.   It did the trick, but I still prefer the Vitamix.
  • Knife
    • Any knife will due to chop ginger and zucchini





Ginger  Benefits:

Ginger can help reduce nausea & morning sickness, help calm an upset tummy, reduce inflammation, relieve cold symptoms, assist in muscle recovery.  Not to mention it adds a nice zingy flavor to smoothies and meals.








Bee Pollen Benefits:

Bee pollen is in vitamins and minerals, help in relieving pain, and has been found to reduce allergies.   For allergy relief be sure to find a bee pollen, we buy ours at Webbs; local bee pollen consumption can help build tolerance for increase in pollen in air leading to fewer allergy symptoms.


Healthy eating can be fun and delicious.  Use fresh, whole food ingredient and allow your creative side to sprout in the kitchen.


Yogic Eating:
Take a moment before your meal to practice your yoga.  No we’re not taking about pretzel pose; we’re referring to being mindful, present, and tuning in.    We understand you may be on the go, try to set aside 10 minutes for mindful eating.   Try this simple practice to help enjoy your meals more, be more present, and connect to better habits to food.
Mindful Meal Practice
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep inhale & exhale
  • Moment of Gratitude.  Take the time to have gratitude for your food. A mantra is helpful, such as “I am blessed.  I am grateful.  Thank you for this meal.”, can be said silently or outloud, or any phrase which helps you connect to a place of gratitude and peace with your meal.
  • Turn all your attention to your meal.   Let go of as many distractions as possible.   Focus your attention on the meal in front of you.  This will allow you to savor your meal.   It will also slow you down and be able to listen to when you’re full.
    • A lot of overeating happens from eating too quickly, which does not give our bodies time to send the signal to our brains that we’ve had enough.
  • When possible, set aside an extra 5 minutes to sit quietly, breathe, and relax.

You may be thinking you don’t have time but slowing down for just a few minutes can leave you feeling energized and better prepared to tackle the challenges in front of you.

How to: Hurricane Guide, Resources, & Maintaining calm.

Your Complete Guide to Prepare for Hurricane Irma while maintaining calm.







Preparing for a hurricane can be a stressful and crazy time for even the most peaceful Yogi Bear.  Trying to figure out what to get, how much of it, where to get, and more.   We’ve put together some local Orlando resources and helpful tips to get ready for the storm and still keeping your zen. Get answers on:

  • Where do I get plywood?
  • Stores are out of water.  What do I Do!?
  • How do I prepare in case of power loss?
  • How do I not drop kick someone?
  • How can I make the best of this?

City of Orlando: Status Updates and Locations (Garages, Shelters, Sand Bag Distribution Centers):  Click Here find out which city services closed, parking garage locations (leave your car safe), shelters,  updates from City,  Emergency radio station info, news updates and more.

Click here to get detailed help on putting together a hurricane plan including shelter, documents, alterts, etc.


Tip#1 Breathe.

Take a moment to collect your thoughts. Just 1 minute,  focus just on your breathe, nothing else.  Ok now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!  Repeat step 1 often.  1 Minute of focused breath can make the difference between allowing the stress to overflow and keeping things in check.


Tip#2 Dealing with Water supply

While finding bottled water may seem impossible, there’s still hope.

  1. Upcycle your current containers.  All those Mason Jars, empty juice containers, DIY projects for “One day”.   Gather those up and fill them with water.
  2. Where & How to Fill up  on water:
    1. Local Breweries:   We’ve found a few local breweries with filtration systems that are offerings to fill up your containers with filtered water, FREE.
      1.   Ten10 
      2. Thirsty Topher
    2. Filling Stations:  You can visit your local supermarket.  Lucky’s and Publix offer water filling.   Take your containers and get ready to filler up.  You can also find a Glacier fill station.
    3. Filter System:  Brita filter jugs and refills tend to hang around longer than bottle water during a crisis.   Check your local stores or order online:








3.  We called around to local water delivery services.  While they are backed up for this storm season;  they did share they are ensuring current customers are getting extra needed water in preparation.  Opting for water service now may help for next time, plus save you money on bottled water and make you greener. 🙂


Tip#3 Boarding up windows & Preventing Home Flooding.  Where do I find plywood & sandbags?

We can teach you how to find a bit of peace but won’t tackle how to board windows. Click here for some how-to on boarding up windows.

We have complied a list of local businesses who have plywood in stock.  As of Tuesday 9/5/2017 12pm, these are verified to have plywood in stock.

Local Plywood Sources

Locations for Sandbags.  



Tip#4 Be neighborly.  Help one another.  






We live in a wonderful community with so many people willing to lend a helping hand.  The more we come together, the more we can accomplish.

  1. There are community forums online such as Nextdoor.com , Facebook Groups (search Groups with keyword specific to your neighborhood)….use these platforms to help coordinate efforts with your local neighbors.
    1. Task such as getting food and supplies can be divided among a small group.
    2. Trade:   are you handy?  Offer to stay and board windows for a neighbor in exchange for them picking up supplies on their supply run.
  2. Speak to your neighbors.   Find ways to help each other.
  3. Do you have an neighbors who will be alone/are elderly/or have special needs?   If you have the space in your home and heart, be of service by assuring them they can come to your home if needed.
  4. Be compassionate and kind.   Remember everyone is a little extra stressed, take a breathe and put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors, the person in front of you in line, etc.   Be kind, even when it seems impossible.


Tip#5  Cooking without power.  How TO

  1. Use your grill.   Make sure to get propane.   Uhaul, Tractor Supply, Ace Supply and many other places are go to for propane.  Be aware, propane refills may one of those unicorn finds.
  2. Make a alcohol burning stove from things you have in garage.
  3. Invest in a Solo Stove/similar camping stove.  Or try the DIY Version using tin cans 
  4. Try one of the Survival/Campers guide to cooking without power/propane/gas 



Tip#6  Food.  How to prepare for wholesome nutritious meals


It’s easy to grab every bag of chips and box of cookies in the heat of the moment.  If that’s what keeps your boat floating, then rock on.  But if you want some tips on how to keep it healthy even in times of challenge keep reading. 🙂




  1. For my DIYer’s it’s a great time to do some DIY Canning.  This opens up a world of possibilities to what you can store and have on hand for emergencies.
  2. Limited Resource Cooking staples:  Rice, Quiona, and Oats.  Mix with beans, canned veggies.
  3. Flavor staples:  Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, pepper, honey, maple syrup.   A sprinkle of these items can make the most bland meal sparkle.
  4. Dried veggies & fruit store bought.  If you have a dehydrator, start making your own stock by picking up fresh produce to dehydrate.
  5. Canned food:  canned beans, canned veggies, coconut milk (amazing on oats with a dash of honey or coffee), canned fruit (look for no syrup/sugar added if possible).
  6. Peanut butter.  The fresh pressed from Luckys almond or peanut butter is so delicious (with no added oils), inexpensive, and has a great shelf life.
  7. Fruit:  Apples tend to have a decent shelf life, lasting up to 2 weeks.   They are delicious plain or sprinkle some cinnamon and or honey.   Or spread peanut butter on top for a magical experience.  Bananas will last 3-6 days and are easy to eat.
  8. Nuts have a long shelf life and are packed full of nutrients.
  9. Granola bars and granola:  aim for simple whole-food ingredients.
  10. Boxed nut milks.   Add granola, or drink plain.
  11. Boxed soups, veggie broths.   Eat alone or add any veggies that you may have.
  12. Potatoes last a LONG time.  They tend to take a bit of effort to cook so if grill is an option, chop ’em up and grill for delicious potatoes/fries.  Drizzle with oil olive and salt.
  13. Coffee/teas:   pre-brew coffee and tea to have on hand.


Tip#7  Meditate:  Yeap seriously, Just do it.








  • A simple mantra (phrase repeated out-loud or silently) such as “I am calm.  I am safe” repeated for 1 minute, 5 minutes or more as you inhale and exhale fully.
  • Try a guided meditation.  Begin with 1 minute, then 5 minutes, then 30 minutes, etc.   Rinse and repeat.
  • Call us 407-375-8489 to organize a guided meditation session for yourself and others in the community.


Tip#8 Give back.  Donate

Once the storm has passed, you may find you have an abundance.   Consider donating your plywood to local charities which help build homes for people in need:

Food & Water Supplies can be donated to:








Tip#9  Stay focused and present.

This can be an easy time to allow ourselves to go into panic mode.   Stay focus and present.  Maintaining calm during preparations can make a world of difference.  It will allow you to plan thoughtfully and be sure you are prepared.

Be sure to take breaks from social media and the news.    These outlets are wonderful and can keep you up to date but can begin to feel overwhelming if we spend too  much on them.  Take it seriously but do take with a small grain of salt.

In my 20 years of living in Florida, I have weathered the storms.  During Charley, I was in a panic after hearing weather personality stating “This is the biggest storm we will ever see…that’s if we don’t all DIE”.   I immediately crawled into the  small bathtub with my 2 big German Shepard’s and dragged the mattress into our tiny bathroom (another tip from same weather dude).   Meanwhile, my mothers partner laughed and frolicked outside (DO NOT attempt this).  He didn’t get hurt but this was luck.   We were two people in the same place, having two very different experiences.   I learned something the next day from his silly actions…..I learned balance, panic mode doesn’t help and of course neither does careless action.   Find a happy middle, have board games, puzzles, books, etc ready  to keep you occupied while waiting for the storm to pass.  How we choose to bare the storm we do have choice over.  Another lesson I leaned is no matter what happens we can laugh or cry through a storm.  I have chosen to smile and find calm ever since that storm.

Orlando is a strong community.    It is important to have a solid plan and be prepared, but not allow panic to take over.   You got this.  Breathe.


Tip#10  Breathe.  Prepare.  Be Kind

You already said all that.  I know.  It is worth repeating.











Our doors are open.  During this uncertain time, we welcome you to take a class and if you’re in need, just come and pay what you can.  Everyone deserves a moment of peace.

Our class schedule:  EmpowerYogaLove.com/classes   

Complete online waiver ahead of time, if you can:  EmpowerYogaLove.com/new-student-waiver

This offer is intended those that have a financial need.   We know everyone has plenty to worry about so we will be waiving our financial sponsorship application during storm season.  Just mention”Weather the Storm” at check in and state the amount (if any) you’d like to pay.


Be Well. Be safe.


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Eat: Almond Milk Recipe. Tasty Tuesdays


Recipe:  Almond Milk

Nothing compares to enjoying the simple things.   Making Almond milk is simple and so tasty.



  • Soak Almonds overnight.  Place almonds in bowl of water.  Allow to soak overnight.  Strain & rinse.
  • Place All ingredients in blender
  • Place cheese cloth over bowl, pour liquid mix over.
  • Squeeze all liquid out of cheese cloth.
  • Viola!  Fresh Homemade Almond Milk
  • Save the pulp! Make Almond Macaroons 

Tools Needed:

  • Blender
  • Cheese Cloth
    • Easy to find at local supermarkets/health food stores
  • Bowl
  • Container to store milk


The foods we put into our body as as important as the thoughts in., the movements we take, and each breathe.  We are surrounded by choice.  Choosing to bring more simplicity into our lives can help to bring a sense of calm and peace.   Simplify your thoughts, chant it with me “Yummmmmmmmmmmmm”, choose simply foods (food in as close to it’s natural state as possible).   Choose simple kind thoughts and actions to fuel your soul and your belly.


Have a great recipe?  Share it in the comments below.   Want to know more about how to prepare simple and healthy meals?   Let us know by commenting below with questions.


Vegan.  Gluten Free.  Clean Eating.  Yogi Approved.  Simple Food.


manduka mat, yoga mat, promo code

How To: Break in your Manduka Pro mat

Manduka Pro series mats are made to last a lifetime, they even have the lifetime guarantee to prove it. Check out this easy to follow process to break in your new Manduka.

Interested in taking one for a test run? You can try one on for size in studio. Our loaner mats are from the Manduka ProLite series, just look for the “Studio Gear” logo. Interested in “Mac Daddy” Pro mat? Ask your teacher to borrow Sondra’s Pro (you can test try the owners personal Pro mat). We could go on and on about how great the quality is. We believe seeing is believe, so try it out for yourself.










Invest now and save. Until September 15th, 2017 give teacher the below promo code and save up to 25% on a new mat. Turn in a used mat (no matter condition) and receive an additional $5 off. Used mats will be donated to local animal shelter to give dogs awaiting adoption comfort and a place to practice their Down Dog. 🙂

Eat: Yogi Parsley Sauce Recipe

Recipe:  Yogi Parsley Sauce

Our world has been turned upside down and right side up with our latest creation, Yogi Parsley sauce.   It’s has made each meal so magically delicious that we can’t stop doing a happy dance.  Best of all?  It is easy to make and good for you.


  • Parsley
    • 1 bunch (about 2 cups worth)
  • Garlic
    • 1 clove, fresh.  Be sure to peel off the dry outer layer
  • Olive Oil
    • 1/3 Cup.  Cold pressed, quality oil is ideal
  • Lemon
    • 1-2 splash to taste
  • Sea Salt
    • 1-2 dash to taste


  • Place ingredients in blender (excluding salt & lemon)
  • Blend until smooth
  • Add lemon and salt to taste
  • Place in container
  • Be sure to refrigerate.  You may find it gets a bit thick in fridge, that’s normal. If thickening happens just shake well and leave out of fridge a few minutes before next use

Tools Needed:

  • Blender.
    • We used a  cheapo Bullet style blender on first batch and  a fancy shamacy Vitamix on second.   Both worked well.
  • Container
    • Any container will due.
    • Reuse & Handy Dandy Tip:  We re-purposed an old ketchup container (bought from our local friends at Luckys).  Clean a old ketchup/mustard (any container that you squeeze) by filling with water and let it soak overnight.  Fill and enjoy.









  • Funnel (Optional)
    • Only needed if using a narrow mouth container.  Or if you’re super messy like me. 🙂


Recipe:  Bell Peppers w/ Yogi Parsley Sauce


  • Peppers
  • Add other veggies (cook times may vary on veggie & size cut)


  • Remove steam and seeds
  • Cut in 1/4’s
  • Drizzle Yogi Parsley Sauce
  • Bake 375 degrees for 5-8 minutes
    • As an alternative and for more smoky flavor try grilling.
  • Enjoy (Happy Dance Optional but recommended)

Vegan.  Gluten Free.  Clean Eating.  Yogi Approved.  Simple Meals.

magic self worth happiness

Topic of Week: Self-Confidence

Chakra to Manifest Self-Confidence

solar plexus

Ram Meditation:

Find a comfortable space and posture, close the eyes, focus on even breaths, and relax.     Begin with 5 minutes a day and add a minute or so each day.



orlando yoga empowerment








Real Talk:  Self-Confidence

In order to obtain and improve self-confidence we have to  begin to believe in ourselves and STEP OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES.  Going out of our comfort zone can sound over-whelming.   The good news is, we can break things down into small pieces; carrying a single brick at time to build a strong foundation, rather than trying to carrying the whole house at once.


  • Take personal responsibility. keyphrase.  Many times we second guess ourselves after others express doubt.   Remind yourself of why it is right. When someone expresses disapproval, ask yourself
    • Ask yourself does my choice harm?
    • How does this affect the person?
      • We are trained to figure out what the risks are. Loved ones may be looking out for your well-being by expressing their doubts and disapproval.   Be grateful for their input but resist the urge to give up only for appeasing others.
      • We are also told to be polite. Yes, being kind is important.   We can be much kinder by being our true selves and not holding resentment for limiting ourselves because of what others may think.
    • Speak your truth. Speak with kindness and compassion.
      • Be honest with yourself. We must first allow ourselves to be open and honest with ourselves.  We cannot communicate to others what we need or want if we ourselves are not sure.
      • Be honest (and kind) with others. Set the tone.
        • We do not have to agree with others. We should respect that we are all on different journeys and learn to empathize with others yet not feel the need to have to agree.
          • A perfectly acceptable response. “Thank you for sharing your opinion. We have different views on opinions”.
        • Reinforce good behavior and do not accept bad behavior.
          • Give compliments when someone does something you like. “I appreciate <insert good behavior>”
          • Express when you’re not comfortable with certain behaviors. “I am not comfortable with <insert action>, please stop”.  If not possible, remove yourself as soon as possible.  Never apologize for not accepting unkind behavior.  We can be kind and not be doormats.
        • Make time for yourself. Many of us juggle many plates at once. We want to be supportive, helpful, and accomplish our long to-do list.   In order to serve others, we first have to take the time for our self-care.
          • It is okay to say no.  We are gifted each day with limited time and energy.  Use it mindfully.
            • Example: Invitations to outings from loved ones, co-workers or the person we met that one time at that one place.  We want to support and don't want to make the person feel bad if we decline.  Graciously declining, rather than showing up only half there, is the kind thing to do. Express your gratitude for the invitation and kindly say: “Thank you but I don’t have time for this occasion”.
            •  Taking on additional work when we are stretched too thin (no pun intended).  It is okay to decline making cupcakes for your neighbor brother's goat bake sale.  Doing things when we are recharged is a lot more rewarding.
              • Fine Print: keyword here is mindfully choosing how we spend our energy.  Skipping an important business meeting to meditate an extra hour?  Well, a pink slip may be the karmic response.   However, politely declining an invitation to go to your cousin's dog birthday party to catch up on much need rest?  I think the karma police will definitely let it slide.  If you want brownie points, maybe send Fido a tennis ball to chew 🙂
        • Set Goals and Take Risks. We aren’t talking jumping out of a plane with no knowledge if your parachute will open type risks.  To grow confident in ourselves we have to start doing the things we keep telling ourselves we cannot.   The first step is to change I can’t with I could. Next time you catch yourself thinking or saying “I can’t” stop IMMEDIATELY and do the following:
          • Pause and take a deep breath.
          • Repeat “I could”, three times. What we tell ourselves becomes reality.
          • Begin to visualize the steps to take “I could” and turn it into “I can”.   
            • Take yourself on a visual journey.
              • For example: People often say to me that “I could never <insert a challenging physical movement>”.   Let’s take running a marathon for a visual ride…..buckle up yogis!Image result for vroom vroom
                • Visualize your desired result.  Visualize yourself running past the finish line; picture the shoes touching down onto the pavement, the sweat trickling down your face, the smile of accomplishment, the heavy beating of your heart. Now, I know for some this sounds less than great (myself included) but stay with me.  You did it!  You ran your first visual marathon.
                • Visualize the steps.  Now ask yourself what can I do to get to the marathon finish line. What steps would it take?
                  • Learn as much as you can about running. Maybe hire a coach or join a group.
                  • Put on your running shoes.
                  • Step outside.
                  • Begin to place one foot in front of the other. You’re jogging!
                  • The first attempt may only take you a few steps. Take a rest and try again.
                  • Each attempt you gain a little more distance.  It becomes a little easier.
                  • After extensive training, hard work, and positive thinking you’re ready for your first marathon.
              • Comparing ourselves to others.  What does this or a marathon have to do with self-confidence? A lot.   Have you ever seen someone doing something that seems nearly impossible/super human?   How often have you thought to yourself: "I could NEVER"?   What tends to happen is we see someone doing something we would love to do, such as run a marathon (again just an example….I personally prefer to sit in snow without a jacket).  We think of only the end result, the other person running across the finish line.   We then think “wow, that’s impressive, I could never”.  We forget to take into account all the steps and challenges it took for that person to get there.  By breaking it down we leave the burden of comparing ourselves and feeling defeated.  We see that we could.
    • Turn “I could” into I can and decide if you WANT to. The self-assurance that we can may be exactly what is needed. We now have a plan and it’s there is we WANT to use it.  So run to the finish line, if that's your thing.  Or don't and smile confidently knowing you can if you darn well want to.
  • Learning from challenges. Our life presents us the choice to make mistakes which we regret or take those challenges as an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow from them.  Dwelling on the past won’t change what has already happened, but it can keep you from enjoying the present.
    • Joe’s Path. Joe has been walking the same path for years.  Joe begins his walk, on the same path, each day the same.  A new hole has just been dug and Joe falls in.  In a bit of fury and covered in dirt, he climbs out and thinks to himself: “My day is ruined!”  There entire day he continues to replay the fall, telling everyone.  He is so consumed he misses the good news his friends wanted to share, the announcement about his favorite band in town, and so many of the little things that day.  The next day, he is still preoccupied about the fall, he walks the same path and falls in again.  This time, he sits in the bottom of hole thinking: “just my luck”.  Another day ruined as he only focuses on how unlucky he is.  His bad luck follows him. This continues, day after day.  Each day seeming to bring a darker cloud.  On his birthday, Joe decides to stop and takes a breath before heading off on the same path, thinking to himself “Today will be different.  Today is MY day.  Today will be great!”.   Joe, who is smiling for the first time in ages, passes the hole without falling in.   The entire day is brighter than before.  He finds good luck with every moment.   As he is laying in bed, he thinks “today was a good day.  Tomorrow will be even better”.  Joe wakes up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.  With a clear mind, Joe realizes there is a better path, one with no hole.  Joe starts on his new path.   He is even able to save enough time to stop and smell the lovely flowers along the way.
      • Did Joe luck change?  Was there some hocus pocus spell removed?  No, what changed is Joes perspective.  Once he stopped focusing on all that was going wrong, he was able to find a solution.
  • Accept compliments. Resist the urge to correct someone when they give you a compliment or wonder why.  Be grateful for words of kindness and express gratitude to the person speaking kind words to you, if not for yourself do it for the other person.
  • Speak words of kindness.  Next time you notice someone or something positive, speak up.   Sharing kind words not only makes others feel good, it raises our own energy level and starts a chain reaction.  Be sure to keep the words you speak to yourself kind.
  • There is no quick fix. Building confidence takes effort.  It takes determination.   We must continue to pick ourselves up, dust our self off, and reassure ourselves “we can".
    • Be mindful. Keep Going!


Power of Mindfulness

Pose of week:  Focus on Self-Confidence

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana in Sanskirt)



Bring your focus to standing powerfully and grounding.


  1. Start feet wide, toes pointing forward
  2. Bend knees, align knees over ankles.
  3. Strong and long spine
  4. Strong and engaged legs
  5. Arms out wide, elbows bent
  6. Heart shine forward
  7. Breathe into belly




Take away:


Believe in the magic that is you.


magic self worth happiness




heart chakra, love, acceptance, yoga

Topic of Week: Unconditional Love



Unconditional Love is love without conditions.

Our topic is Unconditional Love.  Let us focus on manifesting unconditional love….. for ourselves, those around us, and all that surrounds us.

Do you feel you have experienced unconditional love? Some of us have been surrounded by this knowing from a very young age.   Our entire life, we may have  been blessed with a circle of support and the feeling of unconditional love.   This fuels knowing the feeling and using this energy to continue to manifest our energy into growing and sharing this love.  There may have been times we’ve had a lack of this type of love.   The great news is, when we have done without something so essential we know the feeling of needing which allows for empathy and being in tune to the essential need.

We are capable of manifesting anything we need.   Let us focus our energy on growing our capacity to give and receive unconditional love.  This means letting go of expectation and embracing each opportunity to love for the sake of love.   The best way to receive love is to give love freely, unconditionally.

Use this mantra to grow your capacity to give and receive true unconditional love:  I am unconditional love….yes it is that simple.  Look in the mirror, say it out-loud, repeat often.

Unconditional Love and YOUR Yoga Practice:

Chakra of week to manifest unconditional love:

Heart Chakra (Anahata 4th Chakra)

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All chakras are important.  The heart chakra is known to help us recognize and get in touch with our sacred and core truth which runs through all of life and connects us to the universe.

Heart Chakra Mantra (sound):


Try this 10 minute heart chakra meditation:

Pose to open your Heart Chakara:

Camel Pose (Ustrasana in Sanskirt)

Bring your focus to opening the heart and shining toward the sky.


  1. Kneel on mat (legs hip width apart)
  2. Place both hands on hips
  3. Lift sternum up
  4. Stay in step 3 or begin to deepen back bend to your level of comfort
  5. To exit, bring chin toward chest and hands on hips.   Engage core and hands for support.  Come up slowly with control.

Crystals for Heart Opening:

Rose Quartz

Take away:



Where do the waters run when time has stood them still?
To hold within my mind, and keep this place that never was; that I could always drink my fill.
The waters of our life stream endlessly from the mountain to the plain, to lay upon its fertile soil and dissipate at will.

Such was but a moment, as the droplet settled upon the sand, to wink from existence as the sun set upon the fells.
Where the waters once swirled in the confluence of our creativity,
Lays barren a cracked bed of earth, a story in the tangled pattern it does tell.

You cannot step into the same river twice, for the waters flow to the sea,
And footprints on the sand are washed away with the tide, as you were from me.
The abyss of lost opportunity and broken dreams; time has taken to its place of secrets the key.

Of softness they flow effortlessly, let still the waters of my heart and peace reside in equanimity.
Sweet cool memory, flows from my fingertips, of times before the storms lived effortlessly.
And as I close my eyes and call within my soul; a river from long ago, engulfing me mercifully.