Is it my responsibility? My duty to my humanity, the unconditional caring for you, and for me. For would we not find true beauty in less clutter and more unobstructed clarity? To choose with but a moment’s thought to trade a myopic paradigm and see with the eyes of another; their inner landscape and their reality. Not a grand gesture, not the cosmic shift of energies or cataclysms we imagine. Just a little kindness from me, so that you can know that life in its momentary lapses finds a bit of laughter and true joy with nothing monetary; for all I expended was a little effort and great humility.

It is just a thought within me, that I need to find my connection to the whole. To serve my purpose in the cosmic reality and to knit this sweater of holistic wellbeing between you and me. It is the particle dance of energies; for we enter as two and become one that never was henceforth until we found our similarities, to provide a bond of incomparable strength, only the Universe could grant an expenditure of such energy. So we humanity, forever now bound by a commitment of quantum entangling energy, in an age of mutuality, our shared purpose manifest as positivity.

Just a breath in a collective universal sigh, a step we take together, shall it be left or right, the heart speaks directly from our lips, spreading like the dawn across the eastern plane and we stare in wonder as a child for there is no understanding just knowing in this that the heart found its purpose and we could do no more.

So maybe this is the meaning of life, that convergence of heart, and mind and spirit in pure action with motives that defy possibility and manifest in loving kindness to all Humanity.

©JFK March 5, 2017


May your life be a series of adventures. Linking themselves one to the next with the vibrancy of the moment and the soft whispers that echo in memory. May your plans unfold in the wild tapestry of uncertainty and weave a path to eternity. It is not enough that you stood on the mountain but much more that the mountain has come to reside in your heart. It is the smile and the rain that fell upon your head as you looked across the landscape and realized that you would wish to be here in this moment, in this time and in this very place at the end of your days. Let the wonder and excitement always overwhelm and dispel any trepidation or fear.
There will be regrets but hopefully you shall look upon them and sigh for in the end that was the choice to make and for all that it brought; you would not be here today, looking upon the ocean of the possibilities of your life if not for those misadventures. A life that encompasses a universe within your mind and heart. It is that reflection bouncing from one wave to the next, in between the beats of our heart that is the true measure of what we accomplish and maybe silence is far more profound than the cacophony of the life we live.
So let the adventure begin, hold fast to that which is the essence of you, a golden drop of sunlight, the velvet rose petal, the tear upon the sand and the warmth of love and hope eternal. These are the things we take on the adventures we manifest for ourselves. And when we return something new will be added to our lives, it shall take root and it shall be there for all your days, it is curious and it is restless for it is the insatiable desire that grows within us to find, to experience, to share and finally come to peace with the collection of memories that shape who we are and who we are continually becoming.
So draw in your breath … close your eyes and pull to you the adventures of your life in their varied and kaleidoscope of color… breathe out; it is time to dream of your next adventure, and it must know it too will find a beautiful home within you. ©JFK March 1, 2017

On This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not Chocolates, or cards or roses in a foil laden box… it is that which is unsaid within our hearts cast upon the solar winds lightly sprinkled with stardust and settling ever so gently upon us on the day of our creation.

We humans create endless, useless things which we cast away but at the very root of our being like the tree within the acorn, there is a kernel that represents our soul. If one day science does find a way to understand humans I think it will find love is the actual makeup of who we are. It is our unlimited capacity to find beauty within another and to want to bond to that for all time. For to be human is to be a seeker and for all we seek love, though we call it by many names and its shape is unique to each … it is love and it is essential for our survival.

So on this Valentine’s Day it is not the simplistic romantic notion that I write upon, it is something on a grander scale I see.. a love for all humanity for that which makes us unique and gives us purpose. It is the noble quality within us, it is that which removes doubt and gives us hope and it is that which we call upon when we have exhausted all other avenues, and it never fails us: for love has miraculous powers and is able to remove the darkest of clouds and the deepest of scars with but an utterance from our lips.

So as I awake and look upon the day, I see the endless web of love, it is within the rock, and the leaf of the tree, it is the ocean teaming with life, and the stars that twinkle at me, it is that feeling that drives me and it is in each season of life’s creativity, for you see we cannot escape this thing that is responsible for you and me. We are wound upon its axis, we drink from its life force. Each a player in its larger reality for in this Universe it is my nature to love you and you to love me.

(Jennifer Falagrady Katona Valentine’s Day 2017)

Reflections On This New Year’s Eve

Reflections are only images lost in time, so take one last moment of 2016 and reflect… breathe in and let it go. We don’t wish to save that which has not served us in 2016 or any other era. We each have that which we regret, please no more regrets, let it go you have no way of changing it now.

Look to the future, let the sweetness of days past provide the pallet for the life you wish to live now. Each moment spent in the past robs you of the moment in your present and will prevent you from creating moments in your future.

Love deeply, and truly, there is no greater gift you can give yourself or the Universe. Love is available to us all, open your heart, allow it to happen for you. It is never too late, breathe in and let the magic begin.

You have no idea how many moments you will be given in this life, to waste but one is a travesty. I enter 2017 with a different mindset than the one the ushered in this year. I believe that what I dream tonight will manifest tomorrow and all the tomorrows that are to follow. I will not be living for some future moment in time but for the one I am immersed in right now. It is what matters, it is what I can hold and when it is gone I will breathe in and let it go.

2017 I am ready for you… I leave my tears in 2016 and I await the magic that will come. For tonight I believe that each moment I am here is a gift not to be squandered frivolously. So I breathe in and now I let it go… join your brothers and sisters in the continuum of time for I have no use of what was…I am too busy living NOW.

JFK in the last moments of 2016

Wise Words

I ran across an article, titled “Wise Words” written by Matthew Bauman in AOPA Flight Training Magazine with a great introduction that not only relates to pilots.

I rewrite the article introduction for the Yogi, but these wise words are for anyone in any walk of life.


The wisest advice for any successful Yogi is twofold: Do the simple things well, and maintain your humility.

We are all human and therefore prone to mistakes. Acknowledge this and accept it, but remain vigilant.

Be aware that there will always be someone more skillful or knowledgeable than you.

Maintaining our humility allows us to pass on what we have learned, as well as to recognize our shortcomings and seek improvement.

Humility makes us better individuals.

Those who embraced this concept are remembered for their integrity and great achievements, and the ones who ignored it are remembered for their downfall.

Fortunately, there are some very wise Yogis who remember where they started—in the same place as many of you are today—and enthusiastically mentor the next generation.

Seek them out and your potential is endless.

It Will Always Be Thanksgiving Day

Gaze upon the table set to perfection; with silent prayer the chairs I count,
A tear upon my cheek for you were not there.

The wine I poured forth, a glass I raise to you, and in simple words know: I miss you.

Let not the dust settle too long, and the past tarnish the new day,
In serenity I sit here amidst the finery that I would give away.

Forgive me; for the words could not profess, not in grandeur or simplicity how your presence changed the world for me.

All that I have, I would give to you and yet I knew that our paths diverged that day
…may you find your way, happiness along your journey,
Let peace wash over your heart like cinnamon cream upon cocoa.

Always I shall set a place for you;
A smile you bring to my lips and a warmth to my heart,
So if you should find yourself back this way know that it will always be Thanksgiving Day.


The Reconciliation of Alternate Realities

We let life drift to the mundane; so that it becomes the bar by which we set the standard of our achievements. The motions come one after the next, no thought, but a mechanical meandering through our days. It is only when the world appears to go mad that we take notice and our hearts sink in despair of the reality which we have created through our apathy and neglect. In the stark light of a cold dawn we realize that we left behind humanity in the fight for survival and knowing what was right was supplanted by justifiable rage, conclusions based on an inaccurate perception of an alternate reality generated by the constructs of our technology.
Did we lose our minds collectively or was it a slow decent along the dark winding path that became so narrow we could not turn and find our way back? The walls closing in that gave us security in the confines of our mind’s landscape a fantastical reckoning of our imaginings. We closed our ears to the droning of the warning bell, a communal cry of discontent somehow silenced in the endless night of wandering.
Endless sacrifice for another is not the answer, self-gratification to the exclusion of our connected bond in humanity leads again to a path of unsustainability. Today our faces are two-dimensionally projected through a stream of endless electrons but the softness of voice, the warm tear upon a cheek and the muted cry from the heart are hollow upon my screen. In a false show of compassion we connect but it is measured in the milli-second and the universe the lightyear how do we normalize this disparity.
In a moment the impossible was, the improbable became the statistical reality and I stood amongst you and found my tears reflected in the endless faces of a sea of humanity that must find its way in their shared reality. And with renewed wonder, a sense that to “know” is a very personal expression of an incomplete equation and that maybe its final expression should be played on a larger stage, accompanied by a choir of universal anomalies and manifest through the light of hope in our shared destinies.
It is a reconciliation of alternate realities that I seek, to understand how they coexist and share the same spacetime within the coordinates of my existence. Future an idealistic place which cannot share my present but I seek to decouple from the constraints of the amorphous society that binds them cruelly. My past obscured by the wall of blinding emotion; time the cleansing lens carried on the solar winds of change for tomorrow’s hopes are the very currents and eddies of entropy. Yet as I gaze into the future; the reflections of the waveforms colliding endlessly, and in it for just a moment I see… the reality… as it is engulfed by the stardust of eternity.


The Spell Is Broken

The Spell Is Broken
The spell is broken, the sand seeps from the hourglass.
A clock ticks mindlessly on a midsummer day.
Wishes lost to a sea of history and sage advice fallen from grace.
When this my breath I follow to find peace at last.
Would not but you that I hold dear, a tear upon the cheek.
An apparition that once was reality forms in the mind.
Too real to be a ghost, opaque in its manifestation.
Lost but captured upon the page and set to melody.
Were not those the sweetest of memories?


Tether My Soul

Let the light shine through; in muted fractured slivers; illuminations of me in the reflection of you.

Imprint your mind upon my soul and create a golden tether to bind against the solar winds;

For distance is now not spatial but temporal that separates.

Moments caught in amber glass and lived for eternity; the tendrils of plasma that extend from the heart and bind the soul in history.

Events like moving pictures in disarray; scattered by the diffraction of the Milky Way; bursts forth in a kaleidoscope of color, light made manifest.

Of bridges between galaxies emotion the creation of our tendency; I call forth in harmony tether your soul to me.

Gaze through the dark prism from time before time to a point of generation; it was always you that cast forth the line in the inky dark matter of the universe; magnetic forces of inverse proportionality.

Tether my soul to yours, electrons streaming to infinity; neural pathways conjoined a universal spirituality.

A union within our minds; complementary wavelengths of sound and color mixing to perfection against the stark night sky; silver to gold entwine; the soul to find.

Lifetimes lived one to the next, a melding of emerging timelines woven in a pattern of cosmic unity.

Let not the energies dissipate an obliteration of you or me; find commonality; release creativity; join and tether to me.

Traverse infinity; release conceptuality; embrace unlimited possibility; forever I have tethered your soul to me.




It is sometimes the fire within the heart that blazes strong enough to give us strength to survive that which we do not feel is survivable.

Draw your strength from those who surround you, leave your troubles at their feet for they will pick them up and carry them for a while.

Lay your head upon the shoulder of a friend for some days it is easier for them to find strength for you than for themselves.

Know that they are there even when your grief veils you in the gray January morn; they see you and are there when you fall.

Strength is the lightness of the air at the top of the mountain, the granite we tread under foot, but always it is found in the touch upon your soul from the ones who love you most.

Lay your head in their hands, cry the tears of despair; for know as the dawn breaks the light is just the faceted reflections of the eternal spirits from above.

Turn now your face to the east, let the golden hues wash over you, let my soul take your pain, let my heart carry your burden and let your despair wash over me, for I can carry this for you today and tomorrow you can do the same for me.