Success Is Not A Destination

Success is not a destination but a feeling within yourself of satisfaction. It is not a tangible quantity but an ethereal expression of your soul’s desires. No monetary reward will quench its thirst and no external praise will equal its contentment as it settles into your heart for a long winter’s sleep.

Success is but the manifestation of our creativity within the world as it gazes upon its future with new eyes. We see, we feel and we experience life with newfound exuberance when it resides within us. It is the culmination of a lifetime’s achievement and is sweeter with age than any wine.

No man may predict success for it is elusive and mercurial resting upon one who seems undeserving whilst passing by another whose lifetime speaks with the voices of concerted unanimity. Be not deceived for success has touched the deserving and only a shadow of its presence the undeserved.

We may strive without recognition for years without knowledge of our success to awaken one morning and the world is remade. It did not take place overnight but through the years of hard work we reaped the benefits and finally opened our eyes to our own success.

Judge not what success is and do not dismiss passively what you think it is not, for success comes to each man in his own time and through his achievements in a manner suiting and befitting his efforts. The path that we walk may appear to take us far from our goals. Do not be deceived for nothing is wasted and no detour without merit. Through the wanderings of our lost selves learn the secrets of the universe and amongst those will be found the keys to success.

Each key will unlock a door and within the room a reward dost wait. Enjoy the journey and marvel in the experiences for success is manifest in the wine of life; its scent of rose petal kissed by morning dew and its taste of chocolate buttercream at dusk. Allow their sensations to wash over you like the evening tide on a late Summer’s night forever etched in your memory and written into your history.

Forever on a journey…JFK

A Prayer of Gratitude

I am grateful each morning to find the sun shining above; for the days that it chooses to hide behind a cloud I say a prayer for it too must find its existence trying.
Without fail though, it finds its luminesce and once again graces our earth with its presence.

I am grateful each night for the moon so bright that holds this planet in its gaze, for its tender embrace and eternal vigilance over me.
For the times when humanity was but in its infancy, meticulously counting our months and days by its cycles, giving meaning to our lives.

I am grateful for the rains which fall upon my face; nourishing the earth with its life-giving essence.
Although I may find chill within my bones, it is not with malice the rain doth come; but for the grace of the flora it bequeaths its energies.

I am grateful for the winds which whip my hair; in its gentleness finding homes for wayward seedlings to begin their journey of life anew. With the changing seasons its mercurial nature is revealed of wrath that tears asunder man’s pathetic attempts to exert our fortitude.

I am grateful to Gaia; our earth, our home, for it’s placement in this solar system and galaxy. A blue-green planet of wondrous structure and creativity. Of life-giving force so abundant to give rise to a microcosm of reality and all within the space-time of this universe. A living entity who watches over me, such great comfort I derive from thee; a symbiosis of energies.

With gratitude in my heart for all of the beautiful people in my life JFK

Be The Agent of Change


We awaken each morning in hopes that what we do in some small way will change the world. No grandiose plans, no schemes of a thousand steps, a simple wish that allows for a simple change which will propagate through humanity like the ripple on the pond as the chance pebble disturbs its glassy surface.

It may be the smile that creeps across your lips as you greet your co-worker or the kind word said to a child as they diligently try to tie their laces but it somehow doesn’t look just right; but the action of trying is the smile in their eyes. It is that moment when the door is closing on a stranger and you hold it open; their eyes meet yours and you know it was the only kindness that was felt that day.

Let your life upon this earth be an agent of change, your existence is the very joy of another’s life, revel in that beauty and partake of its reward. For to be loved in this nano-second life which we are given is the greatest gift, and to give love is the service for which we are born. We are the very definition of change and the awakening of beauty. Place the cloak of loving-change upon you each morning as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, let it fill your heart in the darkest of moments and always know that the purity of the universe’s spirit that resides in you is felt by another as though it were their own heartbeat.

We touch lives from the moment we are born to beyond the veil from whence we came and shall return. It is the breaths between those fixed points of our life in which we can enact change within our Universe. Savor each moment, hold it dear for they slip by without a thought unless we are vigilant; we cannot let them leave without a kiss and a prayer.

You make a difference each day in what you do, never mistake a moment of stagnation or a clouded vision for failure, it is but a momentary pause in the great journey of life’s changes. It is your existence that for another will change the course of their life, give breath where none existed and provide the impetus and meaning which they have sought for a lifetime. We do not know when these events shall occur so each day, each moment of each day must be lived as though we have no other moment to experience.

Live for these moments, love within them and smile; for you have changed another’s life this day and tomorrow is but a breath upon the cosmic continuum – be ready to live it for it shall arrive on the wings of angels to carry you to places you have only dreamed of in your yesterday’s.

Changing life one day at a time – JFK

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Warmth of All Your Tomorrows

As the sun's rays filter through the window blinds of your future may you find your mind, body and spirit renewed to the vigor of your youth.

As the dawn crests this day; know that you have yet to write its memories.

For as the sunlight touches upon your sainted soul you will know the warmth of all your tomorrows yet to find rebirth within this day.

It is but the will of the mind, the action of the body and the manifesto of your dreams which brings forth the change that was set into motion at your birth.

Each breath the impetus for the melody, each sigh the harmony and together the song shall carry you on gossamer wings to your destiny.


Forever In Your Heart

May providence be forever in your favor;

May justice seek you out.

May the righteous indignation of our lives be tempered by the humility of our soul.

May the struggles faced in silent objection be cleansed by the summer rains of the harvest.

May the tears trapped within our yesterdays not embitter our tomorrows.

May your journey not be for vanity’s sake upon the winding road; as you seek your life’s ambition.

May forever in your heart love keep near; for it is sage protection afforded us, this simple race of beings;

whose lives are written in DNA and foretold amongst the stars.



The Universe Speaks in Whispers

The Universe Speaks in Whispers

The Universe Speaks in Whispers, it is the soft caress of the hydrogen atom as it glances off the star’s gravity field or the Nebula as it coalesces from its gaseous form to become a future Galaxy.

The whispers give rise to Creation in all its myriad of forms. It is the birth of a star system from which life will spring forth and possibility shall unfold. The Universe whispers into the very spirit of man; giving purpose and fueling our desires. The Universe speaks in the language of mathematics which are the artistic symbols of the reverberations of love which we hear and feel within our fragile form. For in the beginning there was sound and it beget matter; giving rise to you and to me.

Within each of us is a pool of kinetic energy; it awaits the spark to manifest its potential. The endless thoughts flow as a continuum in time, moments captured, manipulated and reinterpreted to suit our need to fulfill our destiny. History becomes our future not yet written, the alternate lines of reality. For within our creative pool resides a kernel of love which powers our hopes and keeps alive our dreams.

The Universe Speaks in Whispers; for man must quiet his mind to hear. It is the gentle neutrino as it passes through space, it is the delicate quark bound in the atom. For in our Universe much we do not understand, but the human heart can speak the language of the Universe and knows what it demands. Its gentle whispers are for the man who knows his soul’s worth in the cosmic marketplace and barters not for trinkets but the secrets of humanity.

It is our action; the very creation of reality and our character which the Universe weighs upon the scale of providence, for it is balanced in true harmony. One truth to rule for eternity; the true seeker a wise and humble soul. For when the Universe whispers it is the heart which hears most clearly and acts in accordance with its wishes. Of purity and grace seeking to unleash the cosmos within, time has no meaning in this realm, for when the Universe Speaks in Whispers she seeks a joining of spirits in boundless energy; in concord diversity, hurling us towards our destiny

In boundless love… JFK


As we move into 2016 I would like to share with you a little prose I have penned regarding this amazing aspect of humanity for with HOPE all things are possible.

Hope is what allows us to persevere in this world. From the beginning of our civilization humans have struggled mostly for survival but in recent times we have found our basic needs resolved but our wants have grown exponentially. With it has also grown our discontent.

Each one of us has a force that drives us, propels us through our lives and gives meaning to our daily existence. We may attribute this to our job, to our faith in a higher power or even for a gift which we possess. It is hope that is at the center of all, it is hope that allows us to be better at our job, to find meaning in our daily lives and even to give thanks in spiritual matters.

Hope allows us to step out of ourselves and to be more than we think we are. It is the well from which we draw during the moments in our life when we feel we cannot go on and it is the place that resides within us as we give of ourselves to better those we meet and interact with.

Hope is the driving force that overcomes fear and gives strength when our faith fails. Hope is the difference between perseverance and defeat. Hope allows us to override the voice that seeks to protect our ego and allows us to grow and become more than we dreamt we could be. Hope is that place to step into when the world comes crashing down, it envelopes you and infuses you with the energy that you need to go on.

Drink deeply of this elixir for it shall imbue your will with superpowers, not just to take the next step but to see the path ahead and understand its navigation. Your music has beauty, meaning and relevance. It is through hope that you will find the strength to persevere in the dark times and it is the shield that will protect you during the struggles. Hope will allow you, the human, to find your path though it may be filled with brambles and may bring you low at times. Hope comes both from within and without draw from the hope of others who give it freely for they believe in you.

Finally know that hope is not immediate, it is the long road – stay the course. For one day you shall look over your shoulder and see the road that you have traveled, you will see the signposts that led you here. Those signposts were moments of hope that you held close as to continue the journey. Look for your signposts they come in many shapes and many sizes, they each have one common goal, to guide you on your way and give comfort in the moments you need to rest.

With Hope and Love JFK