Empowering people through compassion, love, & kindness.

Become empowered to help yourself and others.

In love there are infinite possibilities.

At EYL we strive to provide our students and our community not only with exceptional teaching and high quality instruction but also outstanding customer service.

We have a responsibility to contribute not only to our student community but to the Orlando community as well.

Our mission is to provide high quality instruction in a fun and supportive environment for healing, transformation and awakening for the entire family.
The benefits of yoga can be felt immediately and seen over time. Benefits are accessible to anyone regardless of fitness level, age, experience or background.
Our intention is not to simply bring you a healthier body and peace of mind. These are byproducts of the yoga practice. The aim of practice is about experiencing oneness, cultivating a mind capable of concentration and a heart free of judgment. The gifts of this mystical journey happen to include a radiant body and a joyful existence.


We believe peace starts from within and radiates out into the world. We start planting the seeds through sharing tools to calm the mind, strengthen the body, and fuel the soul.

More than just a yoga studio, we want to be your home to leave your worries behind, connect with others, be part of the community, and have fun.

Our approach is acceptance for all, guiding with care & compassion, sprinkling in light hearted humor.


Motivate people to reach their dreams. By providing a peaceful and welcoming space it allows us to be at ease and begin to truly practice mindful yoga.

We are here to guide, encourage, and support each other in our beautiful journeys.


Play time is not just for children. Embracing a light heart, laughing, and learning to trade our worries for laughter is part of the fun.

We believe laughter livens the soul, friendships brightens our days, and play keeps us young at heart.

A balance of care and humor is infused into each class, each movement, and each breath. Through acceptance, love, and compassion we discover joy & fun in each moment and that joy radiates out to others.


We believe in karma and that the more we share, the more our souls fill with happiness. We are dedicated to seeking out opportunities to make a difference in our community and empower others to serve the community.

The greatest richness in life is sharing with those in need.

Whole Well-being

Our goal is to help unite the mind, body, and spirit for whole well-being. We seek to help growing every individual with one drop of knowledge and love at a time.


The definition of embrace is to accept and support, willingly and enthusiastically.

We want to embrace all people willingly and enthusiastically, accept them and support them through their journeys.


Our hearts fill with joy with each smile we encounter. Energy radiates out to be shared into the world. May we radiate joy, compassion, and the courage to love.